MSI releases 24-inch ‘MD241PW’ monitor… Modern white sensing that changes the atmosphere of a space! |

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New 24-inch monitor ‘MSI MD241PW’ │Photo courtesy-MSI Korea

MSI Korea Co, Ltd (CEO Gong Bun-seo) announced the release of the new 24-inch monitor ‘MSI MD241PW’ on the 26th.

‘MSI MD241PW’ was released in white color which changes the atmosphere of space and adds emotion, breaking away from the usual black color monitor. It is a product that has been optimized for the trend of ‘indoor’ use, away from the perception that monitors are ‘simple electronic devices’.

In particular, in addition to the emotional color sense, it has solid basic skills with excellent performance that meet user satisfaction in home and office environments. The ‘MSI MD241PW’, which adopts a highly preferred 24-inch FullHD (1920 * 1080) IPS wide viewing angle panel, applies a frameless design that provides full screen immersion by reducing frames.

In addition, there is vision protection technology that protects eye health from screen flickering, blue light, and diffuse reflection that worsens eye fatigue, as well as a USB Type-C port that is useful for connecting smart devices, and a function multi-stand that can be rotated up and down, left and right, height, and 90 degree supports

In addition, a simple tool-free system that does not require separate tools for assembly and disassembly, and a standard VESA mount that can be attached to a monitor arm or mini PC, demonstrate convenience and versatility.

Additional information about MSI monitors can be found on MSI Korea’s website, MSI Korea’s official Facebook page, or MSI Korea’s official Instagram account.