‘Mt. Hallasan, ironwork, hackberry… ‘ K-League entertaining scenes [스한 위클리]

[스포츠한국 이재호 기자] Between soccer fans, ‘official’ and ‘clothing official’ have grow to be familiar phrases. This is for the reason that they acknowledge that the signing has been accomplished primarily based on irrespective of whether the ‘Official’, who officially posts on issues this kind of as participant recruitment, and the ‘clothing official’, which is a photo of the player, has arrived sporting the club uniform, out. .

If it was fundamental to have on a club uniform and only consider a scarf and pose although standing in the club or stadium, now the ‘clothing officer’ is evolving. Let’s obtain out the story guiding the one of a kind and interesting photograph scenes of the signing ceremony thanks to the level of competition of suggestions amongst the K-League golf equipment.

From still left, Ja-cheol Koo, who climbed Mt. Halla, Adam, who uncovered a significant marketplace manufacturing unit, and Young-woo Woo, Castro who found Hackberry. ⓒJeju, Ulsan, Gyeongnam

▶ Photo of Koo Ja-cheol joining Hallasan Baegnokdam

Koo Ja-cheol (33) returned to the K League immediately after 11 decades in March. At the conclude of 2010, Ja-cheol Koo still left Jeju United and went to Germany, but for the duration of that time, he arrived back again to Jeju following developing an wonderful job, winning a bronze medal at the London Olympics, two Planet Cup appearances , and became the top rated scorer in the Asian Cup as effectively as a legend in Augsburg.

His return on your own is a hot matter, but the photographs from his initiation ceremony stunned him. That is, he climbed Baegnokdam, the symbol of Jeju Island, the team’s hometown, and took a image of his enrollment. At to start with, I suspected that all of them ended up artificial, but before the announcement of becoming a member of the team, rumors and shots of Koo Ja-cheol appearing in Baegnokdam had been leaked and it turned a large subject.

The Jeju club launched a photograph of Koo Ja-cheol standing at Baengnokdam and a movie of Koo Ja-cheol leaving Seongpanak at 7:50am and arriving at Baengnokdam at 11:25am. Following 3 several hours and 30 minutes, Ja-cheol Koo climbed Baegnokdam, and soon after taking photos for about 30 minutes, he went down once more after 2 several hours.

In that way, it was unveiled that Ja-cheol Gu also grabbed the neck of the Jeju United staff employee who prepared ‘Halla Mountain Special’ immediately after slipping, leaving laughter powering. It was the most tricky apparel officer in the earth, but it was remaining as the best spot and an uncommon picture of the entrance ceremony.

Ja-cheol Koo from Jeju, who took a picture of 'Otficial' at Baegnokdam in Hallasan Mountain.  ⓒ Jeju United
Ja-cheol Koo from Jeju, who took a photo of ‘Otficial’ at Baegnokdam in Hallasan Mountain. ⓒ Jeju United

▶ Are you a heavy business worker? Ulsan Significant Industries & Building was even astonished abroad

In July, Ulsan Hyundai signed Hungarian striker Adam Martin (28, registered Martin Adam). Adam was also attention-grabbing as he is a 191cm tall 95kg striker with the expertise to record two assists towards England for the Hungarian national staff in June.

His efficiency towards England and his physical issue have been much less surprising compared to the posted pictures. This is for the reason that the images of his joining ceremony have been taken at the Hyundai Heavy Industries plant in Ulsan. Ulsan Hyundai’s parent enterprise Heavy Market filmed ‘outfits’ inside and exterior the manufacturing facility with the apparel and equipment in fact worn by employees, fantastic for foreign workers in major sector.

Not only lifting tools like a huge hammer, but also using pictures as if they were being functioning with serious employees received a scorching response not only in Korea but also overseas. Adam’s hometown of Hungary confirmed fantastic interest in feedback blended with surprises and jokes, these kinds of as ‘Did you get a occupation scam’, ‘I guess you didn’t say you worked in a factory’, and ‘ Did you get rid of your real truth. a career?’

Otfi heavy field Adam, who grew to become acknowledged for recruiting the Hungarian nationwide crew striker together with the marketing of dad or mum enterprise Ulsan Hyundai.

Adam's Hungarian national team took a picture of joining the Hyundai Heavy Industries factory.  ⓒUlsan Hyundai
Adam’s Hungarian countrywide team took a photograph of joining the Hyundai Heavy Industries factory. ⓒUlsan Hyundai

▶Spoon ‘Woo Youthful-Woo-Sik Greetings’ mainly because of the drama’s level of popularity

‘Strange Attorney Woo Younger-woo’ is now the most well-known drama in Korea. The hackberry that appeared in the episode of the drama turned a massive topic, and it became recognised that it was located in the japanese village of Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, and it was also highlighted as a well-liked vacationer vacation spot.

Gyeongnam FC, primarily based in Changwon, bought its concept right here. It was resolved to photograph the initiation ceremony of the newly recruited overseas player in this hackberry tree.

Brazilian international Willian, who was captain during the summer season transfer window, still left for Daejeon Hana Citizen for a large fee, and striker Hernandez moved to Incheon United as a substitution for Mugosa. In this circumstance, Gyeongnam, who replaced Castro, beneath the iron tree, posed for a photograph and took a photo as well as shouting ‘Woo to the youthful to the woo’, a well-known phrase in the drama, and ‘ Car to the s to the ‘.Trot’ and even make it consider a one of a kind ‘dab’ pose.

Even though Castro seemed shy, he did so speedily, and the pics of the inauguration ceremony and the video clip with buzzing text and gestures drew a large amount of notice.

The photographs of the entrance ceremony making use of well known dramas also remaining a different form of enjoyable in comparison to the past outfits. Correspondent Lee Jae-ho of Athletics Korea jay12@sportshankook.co.kr

Gyeongnam Castro, who took a photo of joining the group at 'Woo Young-Woo Hacknamu' in Changwon, his hometown.  ⓒENA, CPD Gyeongnam
Gyeongnam Castro, who took a photo of joining the group at ‘Woo Younger-Woo Hacknamu’ in Changwon, his hometown. ⓒENA, CPD Gyeongnam

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