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Mu Archangel 2 introduces 3 representative character classes

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Data provided – Webzen

Webzen (CEO Kim Tae-young) will guide you through the content details of the new mobile MMORPG ‘MU Archangel 2’.

Webzen plans to release the core contents of the new mobile MMRRPG ‘Mu Archangel 2’ sequentially through its official website.

There are a total of 3 classes that can be played in ‘Mu Archangel 2’, consisting of ‘Black Knight’, ‘War Wizard,’ and ‘Fairy’. You can check the in-game appearance through explanations and introduction videos of each class on the official website. .

The ‘Black Knight’ is a descendant of the knight kingdom ‘Laurantia’ and has strong physical strength. The ‘Black Knight’, in charge of close combat, overwhelms the battlefield with strong power and refined combat skills and protects allies at the forefront.

‘Warlocks’ are descendants of the wizard kingdom ‘Arka’. It freely uses powerful magic and is strong in battles against multiple enemies from a distance.

‘Fairy’, a member of the fairy kingdom ‘Noria’, is an expert in battle using bows and crossbows, attacking enemies from a distance and supporting allies.

In ‘Mu Archangel 2’, you can create a total of 3 characters per account. The three created characters can be manipulated at the same time, and they fight as one ‘party’.

The game user can configure the three characters that make up the party regardless of the class. Various combinations can be configured according to the taste of the game user, so you can stir the battlefield with three ‘Black Knights’ with strong melee attack power, or form a combination with different classes to foster a stable and balanced party.

More than 50 character combinations have a variety of synergistic relationships, so you can enjoy a different kind of fun when enjoying various in-game contents such as boss hunting, user confrontation, and siege warfare.

Webzen opened the official website of ‘Mu Archangel 2’ on July 22 (Thursday) and started accepting pre-orders and applications for CBT participation. The number of applications for participation exceeded 1 million in 5 days.

Webzen is conducting pre-reservation SNS sharing events and official community membership authentication events in the official community, and provides generous rewards such as ‘Google gift card 10,000 won’ to a total of 100 people.

Webzen is finalizing its business schedule with the goal of releasing ‘Mu Archangel 2’ in the second half of the year, and plans to check the game before the official release through CBT and further enhance the service perfection. The CBT schedule will be announced separately for the participants.

Detailed game information such as pre-orders and CBT applications for the new mobile MMORPG ‘Mu Archangel 2’ can be found in the official community.

▶ Mu Archangel 2 official website


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