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“Muang Thai Capital” sells bonds to raise money. Entering Microfinance Loans

Date 20 May 2022 time 18:14

“Muang Thai Capital” (MTC) prepares to offer debentures to general investors at 3.45-3.90% interest and opens a business plan to maintain leadership in the microfinance business.

Muang Thai Capital Public Company Limited (“MTC”) is preparing to offer 3 bonds to general investors, consisting of 3-year bonds yielding 3.45% per annum, 4-year bonds yielding 3.75% per annum and 4-year bonds. Year 11 months 30 days, yield 3.90% per annum, interest is paid every 3 months, expected to be offered between June 2 and June 6-7, 2022, reveals the debenture rating at “BBB+”. With a “stable” outlook from TRIS Rating on April 25, 2022, which is investment grade, we are confident that investors will be well received by investors who wish to invest in corporate debentures. has a consistent growth rate and get a satisfactory return on investment

Mr. Paritat Petchampai, Deputy Managing Director, revealed that the Company has filed a bond offering information report and draft prospectus with the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. to issue and offer for sale debentures in the name of the holders Unsubordinated, unsecured, and has a debenture holder representative to general investors (Public Offering). This time, the Company will use the proceeds from the offering of the debentures to pay off the debentures that will mature. and used to carry on the business and expand the company’s business further

Mr. Paritat said that the company is confident that MTC’s bonds will be well received by investors as in the past as MTC’s business continues to grow. Even during the COVID-19 epidemic situation, reflected through TRIS Rating’s “BBB+” rating, demonstrating its leadership position in the secured personal loan business and strong capital base. of the company It also reflects good profitability. and relatively stable asset quality as well as diversified funding sources and sufficient liquidity status of the Company.

MTC is a credit provider for retail customers. The Company’s business is divided into 5 businesses, namely, vehicle registration loan service. Credit service business with land title deeds as collateral Personal loan service business and nano finance Motorcycle hire purchase business and non-life insurance brokerage business. As of March 31, 2022, the company has a total of 6,161 branches, an increase of 362 from the end of 2021. The company plans to continuously expand more branches to reach customers in more community areas and aims to Expand to 6,500 branches by 2022 and 7,200 branches in 2023, distributed in 74 provinces across the country.

For the results of the past 1Q22, the company had total revenue of 4,448 million baht and a net profit of 1,375 million baht and a portfolio of loan receivables of 98,612 million baht, an increase of 6,800 million baht from 2021. or representing an increase of 7.41 percent from an increasing customer base according to branch expansion It has a 1.65% non-performing loan to total loan ratio. In addition to the company’s cash flow from operations. The company also has credit facilities available from various financial institutions totaling more than 6 billion baht, giving the company sufficient liquidity to support the company’s expansion and volatility that may occur.

Mr. Paritat said that in terms of the business plan in 2022, the company will accelerate the marketing of 2 more businesses, namely Muang Thai Leasing Co., Ltd., which provides leasing services for new motorcycles. which has a tendency to increase sales respectively It is expected that in 2022 there will be approximately 6 billion baht in loans and Muang Thai Pay-Later Co., Ltd., which provides purchase first, pay later for existing customers. and find more new customers by offering products in the category of electrical appliances, computers, appliances and household items according to the policy of buying first, paying later, which both companies are owned by Plc. Muang Thai Capital is close to 100%. The company targets a portfolio of loan receivables in 2022 at 100 billion baht from 3 main businesses, namely Muang Thai Capital and newly established businesses, Muang Thai Leasing and Muang Thai Pay Letters. Businesses that will come in to support doing business in the future It is planned to market both existing customers with good debt repayment history and approaching new customers with demand for services through the operation of more than 6,161 service branches located throughout the country. including opening more than 700 new branches per year

For those interested in investing, please contact the bond underwriters for more details.

Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited (except Micro Branches) (Individuals can subscribe online via Bualuang mBanking 1 more channel) Tel. 1333

Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited (Individuals subscribe online via https://www.kasikornbank.com/kmyinvest Except for foreign nationals and juristic persons who can subscribe through the head office and branches) Tel. 02-888-8888 press 819

CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited (Individuals can subscribe online via Mobile Application – CIMB Thai Digital Banking, one more channel) Tel. 02-626-7777

securities company Kiatnakin Phatra Public Company Limited (including Kiatnakin Phatra Bank Public Company Limited as a sales agency) Tel. 02-165-5555



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