“Muang Thai Insurance” received the Sustainability Model Foundation Award in the Capital Market of Thailand Support for people with disabilities 2022

Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited received the “Sustainable Model Organization in the Capital Market of Thailand” award. Support for People with Disabilities 2022” by the Securities and Exchange Commission or the SEC in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor. Skills Development Department Employment Department Empowerment and Life Development Department of People with Disabilities Association of Thai Listed Companies and Thailand Association of People with Disabilities Council organized by Mr. Boonchob Suttamanatwong, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Labour. be a prize and Mr. Apithorn Amatayakul, Deputy Managing Director of Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited was the recipient on November 21, 2022 at the Hyatt Erawan Hotel, Bangkok.

Mrs. Nualphan Lasam Managing Director and CEO, Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited or MTI He said “This award is another award that the company is proud of. Emphasizing business operations under good governance principles. Focusing on creating a mental profit for society, the company has implemented projects to promote and develop the quality of life for the disabled in Thailand. According to the Promotion and Development of People with Disabilities Act, Section 35 in terms of creating jobs for the disabled continuously since 2014, ready to build a private network to join the project in order to assist more people with disabilities In the past, there’ the company and its network have supported careers for more than 300 people with disabilities in 10 states in order to create a good sustainable quality of life for the disabled.”

Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited is ready to dedicate to the mission of pride. to make people smile and be part of helping society As well as helping to promote the quality of life of people with disabilities.

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