Muay Supaporn replied to the fact that his father was cheated for 700 million, turning his life around.

Muay Supaporn recalls the shock of his father’s death Answers to life’s twists because the father was cheated on 700 million. He was blamed by the family to tell his own story of depression. Why?

After coming out to reveal his own story until the whole industry is shaken with unexpected From a rich child to a young lady Turn your life upside down Must rent a house with 3 dogs, have 5 million debt, latest (23 January 2022) Muay Supaporn Has opened his mind again through the program Clear to the end broadcasting every Saturday – Sunday at 5:00 pm on Channel 5 by Dr. Manat Tangsuk, moderator

by Muay Supaporn opened his mind that Muay, please clear it up. If anyone describes it as an underdog in the definition of Muay The underdog must not have a home. You have to eat rice. If you use the word low, Muay is ok.

The reason for the low life Is it because of the issue of the father who got cheated 700 million, is it true?

Muay Supaporn : It was an issue. One issue comes from us. Don’t blame your father at all. because the father is no more We don’t blame anyone What if our life would be we have to blame ourselves Don’t blame anyone at all. We are stupid. We take our own lives. On the day when we will do any transaction, no one forces us. No one puts a gun to our head. We do it consciously, out of love, but the love we give him. The reward is like this. what will you claim You must not demand What are you demanding for your brother? I don’t demand to anyone, who will scold you and insult you. I owe you a debt. I accept it and I don’t blame anyone.

Where was the day my father decided to kill himself?

Muay Supaporn : Staying at home next to each other, we split up in another place. We heard the sound of gunfire. The younger sister called. Brother Muay, our father ran down. I saw my mother standing there crying. At that time, it was like a bee and it was completely absent. I came to know when the child took care of us. which at that time we still have money He said that Khun Muay was aware that Khun Muay kept repeating that his father was gone. It’s been like this for 3 days, talking over and over, sad over and over.

Do you know who cheated on your father?

Muay Supaporn : I know, but we don’t resurrect anything. Anyone who wants to cheat, cheat, who wants to do anything is welcome. Be brave enough to take it in. We don’t run away, run for nothing, right?

A life that is glorious, rich, is a billionaire. Only missing a private plane In the past, my father gave me hundreds of thousands of money per day. What did you use it for?

Muay Supaporn : take on intelligence go buy chocolate buy something retarded

Hundreds of thousands for a lot of other people. The whole month still can’t find it?

Muay Supaporn : To say that Muay is retarded (laughs) I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Wake up in the morning and have a duty to go horseback riding at Channel 5, have a duty to play with friends, have a duty to live a crazy day

At that time, you didn’t know the value of money?

Muay Supaporn : I’m not a seeker I am a user So how do you know what the value of money is? What is hardship? I don’t know. It’s stupid. This is Muay Supaporn’s life. Even when Muay Supaporn is working, I still don’t know how much money I have. It’s not that I don’t want to answer, but every time my ex-boyfriend takes all the checks into our account. Believe it or not, Muay can’t press ATMs. Because every transaction we trust, we don’t touch. We never looked at how much money we had in our account.

But nowadays we are starting to use it. father called to teach Say you son Muay, listen carefully to your father. Is it correct that your father sent you to school? Can you read Thai? Can you read English? Why is it only at ATM? My father doesn’t know why Muay can’t do it. Dad taught me everything, mopping the house, shooting guns, fixing fires. Dad taught me everything.

When I came out, I really didn’t do anything. When my father was not at home, the raft was broken?

Muay Supaporn : up to the people to call but for Muay Muay felt that it was painful, the raft was broken, but who would have thought? When I talked to my sister this morning, I got a complaint. We didn’t care. Complain why it has to come out as news. Why did you come out and say that life is down? Brothers don’t help. Why do you say that?

Was he really not helpful?

Muay Supaporn : There was an elder who made the money transfer garage to help 300 500, not even a thousand to save the life of the younger brother and get section 40, don’t be embarrassed at all, why?

Is it enough? Where to rent the dog’s house again?

Muay Supaporn : The rent of Muay’s house is attached to him. Then Muay went to take her with her. Mae Muay rented the house for 1.5 hundred thousand, but had to say that Muay had paid him in advance. My mother didn’t leave me. My mother lives in Pattaya. All 5 brothers and sisters who my parents picked up to take care of me. Another 3 people.

But help us alone?

Muay Supaporn : That’s it. Who are you going to request from? Call. He hasn’t answered your call yet. Does he respect you?

Muay Supaporn

How much is the total debt?

Muay Supaporn : In the system and outside the system, it should be around 5 million. All of them do not escape 5 million, both intended to be in debt and to support others.

I heard that there was a former subordinate of my father’s vow to help him with his debts?

Muay Supaporn : Who, can you say the name? Who, today, only people’s brothers and sisters come to help Muay. A former subordinate of my father, who doesn’t know, no, hello, who am I? Muay knows everyone

Have you ever met a debtor who cheated on you?

Muay Supaporn : Debtors who have been defrauded Why would he come to you? (laughs) It’s better to be realistic. He does this and he will come to you for

And the creditor?

Muay Supaporn : Creditors, he just calls. Come to see me since 4 a.m. the day that Muay will kill herself. The creditor wakes Muay up to curse at 4 am outside the system. At 4 am, his friends are sick and can’t talk to anyone. I started to think about it and couldn’t find a way out, so I called and told another close friend, saying hey, I can’t take it anymore, I’m leaving. Please take my child to my sister who works at the garage. That’s all. Then she was very shocked. It said that you stopped breathing for 2 minutes. Someone will call. back to my brother

Do you think you will find money to pay off debts in time?

Muay Supaporn : Maybe we have teachers We have practiced dharma for a long time. We live in the present and do our best. We have work for us to do. One day it will be all gone. It’s impossible for people to be in debt for the rest of their lives.

came out to ask for a chance back to the glass screen Has the job come in yet?

Muay Supaporn : No drama yet There will be work like this. I don’t have anything for fun.

There is news, brothers and sisters, friends, celebrities also come to help. Is there anyone who wants to talk about it?

Muay Supaporn : It’s a lot. The first 3 people are the first day. Muay pays respects to Prap Yuttapichai, the 2nd person. I don’t think it will come to mind that it’s forgotten. I pay respect to Jake Sathuan, the 3rd person. I’ve never known each other. This is true, Mr. Siriphon Amphaiphong, the whole industry has 3 people

P’ Muay has been in the drama industry for 30-40 years that creates happiness for the people. And 3 celebrity friends helped?

Muay Supaporn : So what are you going to do with it? You don’t have to go find it to rehabilitate it, it doesn’t have to be enough.

Muay Supaporn

Is it because we are like this? That they say you don’t care about anyone, don’t care?

Muay Supaporn : It’s not a Nosano Care. You must understand that Where are the causes and factors, is that correct? That’s why Muay said that Muay doesn’t accept donations. Muay thinks Muay is enough to have potential in himself. Work in exchange for money and use it to pay off debt. There are many fans. I would like to thank many fans for transferring money to help Luk Muay. Muay took the money and followed his will.

Even though they are not accepting donations?

Muay Supaporn : Yes, maybe he did. Let’s do it.

Why not open an account at all from news fans?

Muay Supaporn : Do you have arms, do you have legs, is that right and why can’t it work? Accepting donations for what I’m not a bedridden patient.

But there are many cases that are approaching?

Muay Supaporn : So how do you have to fight? Life is born. Everyone has to fight. Born and have to face every problem.

Think that it was an event that caused our lives to go down. Is it because of forgetfulness?

Muay Supaporn : I didn’t forget because he was rich before It is not necessary that Muay is forgetful. Therefore, Muay has an origin. His last name was given. Muay said that who would say that Muay forgot himself? Excuse me. Muay has money first. Then there is money to the extent that many celebrities don’t have as much money as Muay. That Muay made Muay to do it himself. Muay took it himself and didn’t have to have anyone to take his place.

A fool is a fool himself. love love yourself give, give by yourself Therefore, the love that I have Today it used to be the same. But today the love that he gave us is not the same, right? As Muay always said to everyone, what are we going to get? Love is with us as before We love who we love as before.

What is the most important encouragement right now?

Muay Supaporn : How are you dog? P’ Muay team, a team that has never charged P Muay any baht, Khun Boy Sam Cha, Khun New Year, Khun Champ, Nong Ying, Nong Waew, P Ae, these are the people who gave us encouragement. P’Boi, entertainment day, and now Pook came to help again. Therefore, it is discouraged for

Muay Supaporn
Muay Supaporn



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