Muay Yod Thanksgiving “Num Phang Nga” takes bonus money from ONE Lumpini to pay off debts to parents

“Young Phang Nga” acts as a filial son. Take the money and bonuses received from the fight in ONE Lumpini to pay the BAAC debt to the family as planned before the fight was completed.

“Young Phang Nga Eagle Muay Thai” made his debut at ONE Lumpini 16 on Friday, May 12. and can be reported immediately With relentless walks and weapons, he defeated the tough fighter “Alikan Ergeshof” from Kyrgyzstan in the third round. Cause the boss “Chatree” to surrender in the blood of a fighter Order to pay a bonus of 3.5 hundred thousand baht into the account as an immediate reward.

During the interview on stage, “Young Phang Nga” manly shed tears of joy. What “young man” Somnuek Phadburi, the promoter who pushed “young Phang Nga” to fight in the ONE Lumpini ring, revealed that it was because he loved it. who had the chance to come and fight in this list And also able to follow the intentions before coming to punch successfully by conquering bonus money to pay BAAC debts for the family

For all the fees and bonus amounting to more than 4.2 hundred thousand baht received in this fight, the “young man” as a promoter It was decided to give all the money to “Young Phang Nga” without deducting a single baht . In return for the dedication and perseverance of this grateful fighter

And finally, the waiting day of “Young Phang Nga” arrived after bringing some money and bonuses. Take your father and mother to successfully pay off BAAC debts until they can create a smile of happiness for both parents. while in the online world I have sports fans to express their opinion. Appreciate the thanks for the hard fight for this 25 year old southern man.

However, although BAAC’s debt has already been discharged, “Young Phang Nga” revealed that there is a small amount of debt left with the bank, which he will gradually earn money to pay off gradually in the future. while the rest of the money is used for family expenses in an emergency Hoping that he will have the opportunity to return to the ONE Lumpinee ring again.

For the next battle, UN Lumpini 19, ready to explode the fun on Friday, June 2, with the main partner, leading the program “Kularab Dam, Sor. Piak Uthai”, asking to revenge o’ r previous fight. with “Ilyas Musaev” who also longs for victory in Muay Thai rules Bantamweight (135 – 145 lb.)

Thai sports fans can book tickets at the stadium through BIG HOUSE TICKET The first pair starts at 7:30 pm Watch on Channel 7HD Press 35 (Thai language), starting at 8:30 pm, (some countries), Facebook & YouTube ONE (some countries)

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