Muddy fight over ‘Sgirlpa’ choreography controversy… Viewers’ anger

‘Street Dance Girls Fighter (hereinafter referred to as ‘Sgirls’)’ has been controversial since it aired on the 28th.

The theme of this day’s broadcast was the figure of 12 crew entering the 3rd mission ‘K-POP Choreography Creation Mission’.

However, the controversial new ‘dance trade’ rule angered viewers who had been passionate about it.

The contents of the rules are divided into sections A and B, giving each crew a ‘dance trade’ section in which the choreography created by the other crew must be reflected without modification in the process of showing off their own skills.

However, by digging into the loopholes in this rule, a team that even looked like a ‘fault’ came out and made the viewers angry.

The final showdown, Clucy vs Squid, is the subject of controversy. Clue presented a playful choreography that looked like a choreography.

As for Squid, he expressed his dissatisfaction through an interview, saying, “I’m a little angry. Are you kidding me? The format doesn’t fit, and the details don’t fit…”, and the contest result also angered the viewers as Clu won a complete victory 6-1. .

Meanwhile, ‘Sgirls’ is a reality program to select the best high school girl crew in Korea.

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