Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo is an important leader… Let the great people rally around him..!! .. Written by: Ismail Abdullah

In his speech yesterday, Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, revealed the tricks of a companion trained by Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, commander of the coup army loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood regime, who revolted against his political and military system, the December revolutionaries, rejecting the rule of oppression and tyranny, uprooting the castles of the angry regime with the hands of the masses. Honorable and proud people, Daglo has enumerated this person’s misfortunes since the failed coup attempt by the officers of the twenty-eighth of Ramadan, in the second year after the Muslim Brotherhood’s coup against the legitimacy of democratic rule, until his ignition of the war in mid-April, conspiring with the remnants of terrorists and extremists from among the symbols of the Brotherhood’s rule, angry at the demise of their king No one came to narrate the story of the biggest traitor, Al-Burhan, except for the honest man, Muhammad Hamdan, who was provoked by the arrogance of the humiliated man, and angered by his ambitions after he guaranteed him safe passage to international and regional platforms. That the thunderous general was addicted to the opium of reneging on covenants until Muhammad Hamdan described him that his blood had become tainted with treason in the first place, a source and a wellspring, so whoever grew up under the rubble of the Brotherhood’s wickedness and drank from the wellspring of Kizanian domestication will not work for him restoration or rehabilitation, but rather his eternal treatment will be cauterization with fire and ( Chemotherapy) that kills cancer cells from treachery and backstabbing.
It happened to Sudan at a time when an honest man appeared on the path of its national liberation, Dr. John Garang, but the daggers of meanness and villainy left no room for him to pull the people out of the ravages of the criminal Brotherhood’s meanness, so those poisoned bayonets reached him while he was still at the opening of the road, and in front of the crowds The masses of the Sudanese people should not miss this last opportunity, which came to them with this Bedouin boy as a messenger to save people from the state of oppression and usurpation for men and women alike. God is a servant whom people loved, his spontaneous and non-racist speech attracted large numbers of the masses of the great nation, north, east, west and south. With such sincere mass speeches, reaching an end to the war is easy and possible. Whoever has the key to the entrances and exits of the capital, major regional cities and strategic centers, has The influential decision to end the war that was ignited by the villains of the demonic Brotherhood organization, so let the people refrain from listening to the lies and falsehoods of the media machine of the pen holders and paid trumpets from the remnants, and not listen to their dreamy cyber promises that are not related to the reality of the people, so whoever follows the Brotherhood’s misguidance for thirty years will only reap Regret, war, blood and body parts, let the people rally around this leader.
My last message is addressed to the holders of pens and loudspeakers, speaking on behalf of the brother leader. They must be guided by the guidance of this nationalist discourse that supports the bridging of the national cohesion in its four directions, and his advisors must live up to this great discourse and not be dragged into the nonsense of remnant journalists and media figures who play the game of pigs in the pigsty. Many of them have fallen into the traps of the rebellious media, and instead of being afraid of the leader, they have become pain. The project of change that is led by the brave and their commanding leader must be met by swords of the word that break the appearance and the roar of the voice separating the necks, not as we see from the lukewarmness of the argument and the atrophy of wisdom from many of those who installed Themselves are official spokespersons for the victories of the Rapid Support Forces, and what we say is not evidence of the obvious political weakness of the movement of the political bureau that spends millions on some symbols of insolence, who, as soon as they were hit by the humbrib, they began accusing the Rapid Support Forces, without being held accountable by the pillar officials holding the files. Political and legal, the cause of the heroes who watered with their precious blood the slopes of the Karari Mountains and the entrances to the armored vehicles gates and the central reserve deserves to be adopted by strong professional legal advisors and consultants as the strength of the arms of the brave ones who manage the four-wheel drive base right and left with all professionalism, competence, steadfastness and bravery.

Ismail Abdullah
September 5, 2023


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