Muija: We want to be better, more successful and more efficient

About the most important projects in the Kakanj Cement Factory that are planned for 2023 and about the vision of the development of the Kakanj Cement Factory in the next few years, the director of the Kakanj Cement Factory, Branimir Muidža, says:
“In short, we want to be even better, more successful and more efficient, all in order to be greener and more digital. In other words, we want to continue to be at the forefront of the biggest changes in our industry on the road to sustainability. Our business strategy is fully based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals until 2030, so we have clearly defined goals for further improvement of work and business based on the principles of sustainability. The unquestionable quality of our products is always in the first place, because we make the material from which the future is built. The projects our customers work on are forward-looking, so their needs come first. Our production and products are based on the principles of sustainable development, which means that in the coming period we will continue to work on new products and services that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Safety at work is also our constant priority, and we continue with the intensive education of our people in all fields of digital transformation. During this year, we will also work on introducing additional opportunities and tools for our customers, which will further improve, facilitate and speed up business processes. We will also look at the possibilities of additional expansion in the region. The experience of more than 20 years in this company tells me that we will continue to be pioneers in many fields of development, and with my work, leadership and commitment, I will always strive to be a leader of positive changes both in the company and in the environment in which I work and operate.”

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