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Original title: MUJI IDÉE 2023 spring renewal, feel the colorful spring in layers

MUJI IDÉE launched the spring 2023 series, designed by Japanese designer Kentaro Tamai, with new colors to welcome the bright early spring, and to show multiple possibilities in layering. At the same time, this series continues MUJI IDÉE’s concept of environmental friendliness, using 30% recycled fabrics, making clothes and then dyeing, reducing pollution and realizing resource recycling. It once again shows the MUJI brand concept of protecting the low carbon environment and advocating a simple and natural lifestyle.

Layered layers create multiple possibilities

MUJI IDÉE’s spring collection 2023 takes into account the temperature differences between regions and seasons, and deliberately uses linen, which can be worn all year round, as the main material. Linen has become a popular clothing fabric for consumers due to its fresher and more breathable properties than cotton. Kentaro Tamai, a Japanese designer who prefers natural materials when choosing clothing fabrics, is good at using simple and elegant lines and unfettered tailoring, and linen is also a very suitable material.

This time, Mr. Tamai Kentaro took “layered clothing” as the design theme: “As a linen material that can be worn all year round, users can experience the fun of layering with the changes of the seasons, thus adopting colors colorful with an aesthetic feel. “Take the wide blouse with personal pleats as an example. The broken folds create a light temperament, and the combination with lace keeps feminine features and is a little eccentric at the same time. The same piece of clothing has different locations of personality, which is the charm of layering and the essence of this “layered clothing”.

A color gradient unlocks a colorful spring

MUJI IDÉE 2023 spring collection not only takes care of the dressing habits of consumers in different regions, but also allows consumers to boldly express their individuality through the clash of clothing colors. Nine gradient colors show multiple charms, bright and energetic temperament or graceful, there is always a color that can resonate. Or use different colors to match, such as calm blue gray and energetic coral red. The bold and bright color scheme is full of vitality and individuality in spring. In addition, a large number of design elements such as fine pleats, cut pleats, and lace run throughout the entire series, which brings the possibility of customization to users of all ages. “We hope that sharing among family members can be realized, so that different users of all ages can wear it.”

An eco-friendly interpretation of nature’s beauty

Over the years, MUJI has been loved by the public for its simple design concept and the original intention of keeping to simplicity and nature, and cherishing the earth’s resources. MUJI IDÉE spring collection 2023 still follows resource recycling design. In order to realize resource recycling, MUJI collects the surplus linen produced by tailoring, and after repeated examination and experimentation, 30% of it is developed into new yarns, which are dyeing after being sewn into clothes to reduce resource wastage. At the same time, based on the concept of resource recycling, the MUJI IDÉE 2023 spring series advocates the concept of sharing clothes among family members.

[Casgliad o ffibrau llin a gynhyrchir trwy dorri]

[Cymysgu ffibr llin ac edau cotwm yn edafedd newydd]

[Dillad wedi’u gwnïo’n ofalus]

Interpret the beauty of nature with new colors, and let the pure colors illuminate the bright spring. In the future, MUJI will continue to adhere to the concept of simplicity, nature, and fair, and participate with consumers in the actions of cherishing the earth’s resources and maintaining recycling, in order to create a life “good like this” for consumers . .

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