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Mullaperiyar Dam: Shutters of Kallar Dam in Idukki raised after Mullaperiyar and Aliyar; Caution

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Idukki, First Published Nov 24, 2021, 12:46 AM IST

Idukki / Palakkad: The shutters of Mullaperiyar Dam, Aliyar Dam and Nedumkandam Kallar Dam in Idukki were opened due to rising water level. 7 spillway shutters were opened at Mullaperiyar. Seven shutters have been opened in Mullaperiyar. Of these, 3 shutters are 60 cm wide and four shutters are 30 cm wide. A total of 3949 cubic feet of water is released from here. A shutter on the spillway was open in the morning. In the evening first four shutters and then two more shutters were opened. As more shutters opened, the water level in the Periyar rose. The District Collector issued a warning to those on the coast.

The increase in water level was due to increased rainfall in the catchment area and reduced flow of water to Tamil Nadu. Currently, the water level in the dam has risen to 141.60 feet. Authorities hope the water level will drop as more shutters open to allow water to flow out. Meanwhile, heavy rains continued in the hilly areas of Idukki. The water level in Idukki dam reached 2400.10 feet.

All the 11 shutters of the Aliyar Dam were opened

The heavy rains raised more shutters in the river. The Parambikulam-Aliyar sub-divisional deputy director said that 11 shutters have been raised by 21 cm each in the Aliyar dam. 4500 cusecs of water is released. The District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has warned people living along the river banks to be cautious as the river is likely to overflow in the Aliyar region if the rains continue.

7 shutters in Mullaperiyar opened and 11 shutters in Aliyar raised; Caution

Idukki Nedumkandam Kallar Dam 2 shutters opened

The two shutters of Idukki Nedumkandam Kallar Dam have been raised by 10 cm each. 10 cumex water is flowing. The district collector said people living on both sides of the Kallar and Chinnar rivers should be vigilant.

Traffic was banned

Traffic on the Body Met-Body Naikkannur route on the Kochi-Dhanushkodi National Highway has been banned due to landslides caused by heavy rains. The landslide occurred at the eighth bend. The trees flooded the shop. Traffic was light at this time of night.

The amount of water carried to Tamil Nadu was reduced and the water level in the Mullaperiyar rose again

Last Updated Nov 24, 2021, 12:46 AM IST


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