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Original title: Muller leads the top five league assists in 19 games with 18 assists, far away from second place

In the 19th round of the Bundesliga that ended early this morning, Bayern easily defeated Cologne 4-0 away. In this game, Bayern player Thomas Muller contributed two assists, so far his assists in the Bundesliga reached 150. Since making his Bundesliga debut in the summer of 2008, Muller’s assists are only behind Messi’s 180 assists in the same period.

This season, Muller has contributed 18 assists, 10 more than the second-placed Wertz, and twice as much as the other top assists in the five major leagues. In the previous two seasons, Muller’s assists in the league in a single season could reach 20+, of which 21 assists were sent in the 2019-20 season, 22 assists last season, and this season is even closer to 1 assist in a single game. That’s a whole new level for the 32-year-old Mueller.

The current top assists in each league in the five major leagues:

Bundesliga: Muller 18

Premier League: Salah & Arnold 9 times

La Liga: Trejo 9 times

Serie A: Berardi 8 times

Ligue 1: Mbappe & Klaus 8 timesReturn to Sohu, see more


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