Multi-axle vehicles should be banned: Locals : Nattu Visesham

Multi-axle vehicles should be banned: Locals

Monday, January 30, 2023 12:47 AM IST

Kollangode: Bring 50 tonnes and more metal from Tamilnadu People are demanding ban on multi-axle vehicles and Shyam is coming strong. In Mutalamada, Kollangode Elavancheri Panchayat areas Bridges and roads break down every day due to stray geese. That is the complaint of local residents.
Palanga in Govindapuram, Chulliyarmedu and Kunpalakode are facing the threat of demolition. Vehicles carrying such metal used to travel in Uttarapalat.Due to the formation of four big craters, the past has also been destroyed.
Vehicles carrying 30 tonnes have a load of 20 tonnes. Forty to fifty years for such heavy vehicles to travel Bridges made earlier are not strong. Vehicular movement on Thrissur-Pollachi route due to bridge collapse will stop. Pilgrimage centers including Guruvayur and Sabarimala from Tamil Nadu Hundreds of vehicles pass through this road every day.

Madura, Dindukkal, Palani and Pollachi parts of the state Tra vehicles are frequent travelers. Multi-axle vehicles that carry metal pose many risks. We have already happened. Earlier protests by local people in different parts of the taluk It has received attention.

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