Multi-city air ticket bookings have returned to pre-epidemic levels. International passenger flight plans include a total of 123 foreign cities.

Multi-city air ticket bookings have returned to pre-epidemic levels International passenger flight plans include a total of 123 foreign cities

New flying season, new expectations According to domestic travel platform data, since March 2023, the number of air ticket bookings in many domestic cities has returned to the pre-epidemic level, and some cities have surpassed the top 25 cities in the same period in 2019. Among them, Sanya, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Haikou, Harbin, Changsha, and Chongqing have more than 2019 inbound and outbound reservations. According to data from the National Administration of Immigration, since the implementation of the “B and B Class Management” two months ago, China’s entry and exit flow has rebounded sharply. With the flying season changing this time around, the May Day and Dragon Boat Festival holidays will soon be introduced, and it is expected that travel abroad will also lead to breaking point. For travelers, the new flying season means more choices and more convenience for air travel.

So far, 60 destination countries have opened pilot programs for outbound group tours in China. The reporter noticed that the search number of international air tickets on major platforms has increased rapidly recently, and domestic tourists are most concerned about Vietnam, Italy, France and Spain, which European countries have seen a rapid increase in tourism attention in their among The outbound travel market is expected to see a sharp increase during the “May 1st” and summer holidays.

According to data from China’s Ministry of Civil Aviation, international passenger flights are scheduled to cover 123 cities in 62 foreign countries during the summer and autumn seasons, many of which are popular routes for domestic tourists.

Currently, there are direct flights from China to Greece, Spain, Serbia and other places. Among them, there are many flights to Vietnam, and the air tickets are as low as less than 1,000 yuan. Due to the influence of market supply and demand, air ticket prices to Europe and other places are still relatively high.

Qi Qi, an expert at the China Civil Aviation High-Quality Development Research Center: A process is needed for the full recovery of international flights With the continuous overtime recovery of the entire international passenger flight, there will be a heavy supply on the supply side, which will inevitably lead to a reasonable price the whole air ticket, price to return.

<!–enpproperty 53267252023-03-26 22:42:25:40多城市机票预订量已恢复至疫情前水平 国际客运航班计划共涉及境外123个城市航班,机票,国家,国内,国际14155国内新闻国内新闻央视新闻客户端新航季,新期待,据国内某旅游平台数据显示,2023年3月以来,国内多个城市机票预订量已恢复至疫情前水平,且部分城市已超过2019年同期,预订量前25名的城市中,三亚、成都、杭州、广州、沈阳、海口、哈尔滨、长沙、重庆进出港预订量已超过2019年。103/enpproperty–>


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