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Multinational medical experts: the United States politicizes the issue of the traceability of the new crown virus, the so-called “investigation” has nothing to do with science

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Medical experts in many countries: the United States politicizes the issue of the traceability of the new coronavirus, the so-called “investigation” has nothing to do with science

Alexei Deykin, a senior scientist at the Institute of Genetic Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is a well-known Russian biologist who has been studying the genetic recombination of microorganisms for more than 15 years.

In an exclusive interview with a headquarter reporter recently, he pointed out that the US government is currently concocting the so-called “new crown virus traceability investigation report” in an attempt to impose unwarranted charges on China. The so-called “investigation” of the US government “has nothing to do with science and has nothing to do with the truth.” , The US approach to politicize the issue of the traceability of the new crown virus “will not be recognized by the international community.”

U.S. virus traceability “investigation” has nothing to do with science and truth

Alexei Deykin, a senior scientist at the Institute of Genetic Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences: We have seen too many American and British intelligence agencies that have issued so-called “reports” targeting China and Russia. Not only China and Russia, but other countries have also refused to recognize them. The authenticity of these reports, unfortunately, the traceability of the new coronavirus has been seriously politicized.

Jaykin believes that the world’s memory of the “bad performance” of the US intelligence services in the Iraq war is still fresh, and the “lilies” reports submitted by the US intelligence services “have no credibility.” Jaykin urged that if US intelligence agencies hope to make a difference, they should seriously investigate the reasons for the high number of new coronary pneumonia cases in the United States.

Alexei Deykin, a senior scientist at the Institute of Genetic Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences: If the international community generally believes that the problem of (coronavirus traceability) needs to be resolved, it should also be carried out within the framework of guidelines generally recognized by the international community. Each country has its own laws, and intelligence agencies should solve their own problems. For example, the US intelligence agencies should investigate why there are so many deaths from new coronary pneumonia in the country.

Jaykin pointed out that the practice of investigating the traceability of the new crown virus led by the intelligence department is “absolutely absurd.” The resulting so-called “report” has no legal basis and legitimacy, and it is doomed to reach a fair and objective conclusion.

Alexei Deykin, a senior scientist at the Institute of Genetic Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Intelligence agencies can provide evidence, but the premise is that the relevant information is obtained legally. It must be verified and come from multiple sources, otherwise the so-called “report” is A blank sheet of paper, other than inciting social sentiments, does not provide any practical help in solving the problem.

The sinister intentions of the U.S. to engage in political manipulation by tracing its origins are clear

At the regular press conference of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 18th of this month, a reporter asked: According to reports, people familiar with the matter revealed that there is still no substantial progress in the traceability investigation of the new coronavirus by the US intelligence services, but the US still intends to release the report as scheduled. The concocted virus in the report comes from the inductive conclusion of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Does China have any comment on this?

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at the time that if the report is true, this is a self-confession by the US deliberately engaging in a “presumption of guilt.” What the US cares about is not facts and truth, but how to consume and discredit China. Isn’t the U.S.’s sinister intention to engage in political manipulation obvious?

Zhao Lijian said that the U.S. wants to repeat the old drama of using a small bottle of “washing powder” to engage in costless framing and framing. It will not deceive the world, but it has made the international community more and more suspicious. Fort Rick and other U.S. biological laboratories are concerned about all the doubts and evils. What is the U.S. hiding?

Pompeo exposed himself: “We lied and we deceived us to steal.”

U.S. intelligence agencies have engaged in assassinations, coups, and surveillance in various parts of the world, fabricated lies and provided false evidence for the United States to launch wars. Its “dark history” has long been known to the world.

The US intelligence agency seems to be “omnipotent,” and its essential attribute is a tool to maintain the hegemony of the United States.

The U.S. intelligence service has no shortage of “prior convictions” in fabricating lies.

In 2003, the CIA accused Iraq of “manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.” On February 5 of that year, the then US Secretary of State Powell took out a test tube containing white powder at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council, claiming that the test tube contained evidence that Iraq was developing chemical weapons. Six weeks later, the United States launched the Iraq War, which caused a large number of civilian casualties and broken countless families. But later facts proved that the so-called intelligence of the US was fabricated.

When Russian President Vladimir Putin talked about this topic, he joked that at that time, Powell’s test tube might be washing powder.

Russian President Vladimir Putin: We have seen, and the whole world has seen it. In 2003, the then U.S. Secretary of State (Powell) showed evidence that “Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction” at the UN Security Council. He showed evidence that he contained unknown substances. The test tube might contain washing powder.

In April 2018, the United States also carried out an air strike against Syria on the grounds that “relevant intelligence showed that the Syrian government used chemical weapons”, but was “faced” again afterwards. Facts proved that it was a “White Helmet” organization funded by the United States and other countries. A video of the so-called “Syrian chemical attack” was taken.

The “dark history” of the U.S. intelligence services is indeed countless. From concocting the “Beibu Gulf Incident” to catalyze the escalation of the Vietnam War, to directing the “Infant Box Incident” to intensify the Gulf War; from launching the “Mockingbird Project”, buying off global multinational media personnel to fabricate fake news, to engaging in large-scale surveillance and stealing secrets , Even the allies will not let go.

Alan Dulles, former director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, once publicly stated: “Mold people into what we need and let them listen to us. As long as we mess up our minds, we can unknowingly change people’s values. And force them to believe in a value that has been surreptitiously changed.”

Pompeo, the former Secretary of State of the United States who once served as the director of the CIA, said it even more, and he uncovered the shady scenes of the US intelligence services.

The then US Secretary of State Pompeo: We lied, we deceived, we stole, and we also have a course dedicated to teaching these. This is the glory of America’s continuous exploration and enterprising.

Scientists around the world speak out against politicizing the origin of the new coronavirus

Faced with the huge defeat in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in its own country, the US government is not willing to reflect on itself. Instead, it continues to hype the “virus laboratory leak” conspiracy theory, and continues to “pull the pot” and blame it in an attempt to “cleanse” itself.

To achieve this goal, the United States pressured the World Health Organization to launch a so-called “second traceability investigation” against China, and at the same time manipulated public opinion to fuel the flames in an attempt to establish a “presumption of guilt” against China. In the eyes of global scientists, politicizing scientific issues and stigmatizing China’s traceability investigations are trampling on science. It will not only help the global fight against the epidemic, but will also create chaos and obstacles.

Cervantes is a well-known expert in Mexico’s public health system. He participated in assisting the Mexican government in formulating measures to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Regarding the traceability of the new coronavirus, he pointed out that the traceability of the virus has been politicized and has been separated from the scientific investigation itself. The so-called “virus leaked from China” is very absurd.

Malachias López Cervantes, professor at the Medical School of the National Autonomous University of Mexico: I think that the traceability of the virus has been transformed into a political act and has lost the true nature of scientific investigation. I think this accusation against China is meaningless. .

The argument that “the virus is leaking from China” is very absurd. Could it be that China will deliberately let the virus spread in its own country in order to spread the virus to other countries later? There is absolutely no logic or reason. I must point out that the situation in Wuhan at the time was that the epidemic broke out locally, but the source of the epidemic was likely to come from other places.

Cuba’s level of biomedicine enjoys a high international reputation. Cuban medical expert Luis Herrera Martinez, consultant to the Cuban Biomedical Group Bureau, pointed out that the U.S.’s slander of the Chinese laboratory’s leak of the new crown virus is obviously “nonsense”. It once again embodies the essence of American hegemonism.

Luis Herrera Martinez, Advisor to the Presidium of the Cuban Biopharmaceutical Group: I think it’s a good idea to use the word “nonsense” to describe the claims of the United States, because their approach is worse than “nonsense”. Suspicion and suspicion of China is a premeditated attempt.

This shows how hypocritical the United States is. Their role in politics is to blame any country they want to blame. I think this is a typical arrogant attitude and thinks that it is above the world.

Elisha Osati, the former chairman of the Tanzania Medical Association, is responsible for the promotion of the prevention and treatment of the new crown virus in Tanzania. Regarding the politicization of the source of the virus, he said that this will not help human health and medical development.

Elisha Osati, former president of the Tanzania Medical Association: Nowadays, a lot of political content is also mixed in the medical field. This is very unfortunate. This unfortunate lies in bringing politics into the field of health and medicine, which is very important for us. Unfortunately, because it does not help us, nor does it help the medical profession. Because we are currently experiencing the (new crown) pandemic, what we need is to do virus research and investigation to understand the origin of the virus. If we want to do this, then the whole world must unite as one.

American experts and scholars also believe that in the absence of evidence, the U.S. government’s continued hype and spread of virus traceability stigmatization against China is for political purposes and does not consider science at all.

Dennis Carroll, Chairman of the Global Virology Project and former director of the Global Viruses and Potential Threats Department of the United States Agency for International Development: In fact, it has become a public opinion hotspot and has now been involved in political factors. It is no longer a public Hygiene issue. In the absence of evidence, we have different opinions. Unfortunately, these opinions are more driven by politics than goodwill.

Vincent Lacanillo, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Columbia University: It is still unknown where the virus came from, so people like them (the United States) make up their own questions. They (the United States) are just doing politics. This is a crazy thing, they didn’t think about science at all.

More research findings rewrite the timeline of the new crown epidemic

Researchers from the US National Institutes of Health reported in the US Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases on June 15 that five states in the United States had cases of infection before the official announcement of the first confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia, indicating that the new crown virus was already in December 2019 Appeared in the United States. Prior to this, many countries have had a deeper understanding of the early epidemic, which has triggered new thinking in the academic community on the origin and spread of the new coronavirus.

In January of this year, researchers from the University of Milan, Italy, reported in the British Journal of Dermatology that they found the new coronavirus gene sequence from a biopsy sample of a young female patient with skin disease in Italy on November 10, 2019.

In December last year, another group of researchers from the University of Milan reported in the US “Journal of New Infectious Diseases” that a 4-year-old boy’s oropharyngeal swab sample collected on December 5, 2019 tested positive for the new crown virus. The boy had no history of travel before that time.

In November 2020, researchers from the National Tumor Research Institute of Milan, Italy and other institutions published a paper in the country’s “Journal of Oncology” saying that they tested the health of 959 volunteers who participated in the tumor screening test from September 2019 to March 2020. Blood samples, it was found that 111 volunteers had specific antibodies to the new coronavirus in their blood samples, accounting for 11.6% of the total number of volunteers. The first author of the paper, Giovanni Apolone, said that the presence of this antibody in the blood samples of four volunteers collected in the first week of October 2019 indicates that they are likely to have been infected with the new coronavirus in September 2019. This may also explain why the epidemic broke out suddenly in northern Italy in February 2020.

In November last year, researchers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in the bimonthly issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases that they tested 7,389 blood samples collected by the American Red Cross between December 13, 2019 and January 17, 2020. It was found that 106 blood samples contained antibodies to the new coronavirus.

Not only have clues to earlier new coronavirus infections found in humans, research on wastewater has also shown that the new coronavirus may already exist. The University of Barcelona in Spain issued a communiqué in June last year that a research team at the school found that a wastewater sample collected on March 12, 2019 tested positive for the new coronavirus nucleic acid, but the virus level was very low. This means that the new crown virus may have existed in Barcelona at that time, which is much earlier than the time when the first confirmed case of new crown was reported in the world.

The Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil published a research report in July last year that the research team detected the genetic material of the new coronavirus in a wastewater sample collected in Florianópolis on November 27, 2019. This is about 3 months ahead of the time when Brazil reported the first new crown case.

The Italian Institute of Advanced Health issued a communiqué in June last year, stating that researchers had detected the genetic material of the new crown virus in the wastewater from the cities of Milan and Turin that were sampled on December 18, 2019.

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