“Mum Jokmok” replied, how much is the salary executive? before meeting his wife

after big comedy “Mum Jokmok” has risen to the podium as an executive of a music label with the position of Mr. barn records Full form, most recently on May 19, 65) in the past, the couple’s number one husband and wife in the entertainment industry, like the couple of “C Siwat” with “Amy Klinpratum” hand in hand to invade the house “Mum Jokmok” along with discussing issues that have been raised as executives through the show “Now You C-Amy”

But before discussing the issue of being a record label executive, there is one thing that cannot be discussed. that’s the story “The flirting in the past and the gigs that have been teased for a long time Both arguing with his wife until he had to sleep under the snooker table. Chiang Rai story About the past flirting and still saying don’t make an appointment… Where there is a closed circuit, it does not go. A…no game way” Before sharing a love story that “C Siwat” ask “Mum Jokmok” that “Is it true that you don’t like wearing condoms?” make “Mum Jokmok” to the point of not being able to go and say “To the distant emptiness!!”

after that “C Siwat” asked about “As an executive barn records” that “What’s your salary?” which way “Mum Jokmok” immediately replied that Get 24,000 baht, pay in 2 installments, 15 and on the 1st, tax deduction again. is our camp of this size, it has to take shape because some people are destined to sing by themselves may not be loud which we choose songs to match our singers instead

while “Ant Adorable” wife of “Mum Jokmok” also joined the discussion group and “C Siwat” He walked in and kissed his cheek to say hello. “Mum Jokmok” slapped his head and said, “Mistress..!!” side “Ant Adorable” also secretly talks about her husband’s shyness that “Let’s go look under the snooker table. Okay, there’s still a blanket. Here he slept downstairs for almost 10 days because of an argument about her wearing that one. I’ll wear this.”

which “C Siwat” also told “Mum Jokmok” that “No one loves us as much as our wives. Life is good, there must be a wife to support” side “Ant Adorable” I said “Before I knew it, I was already dead. who really loves us This work made “Amy Klinpratum” even support that “It’s true mom!!” all together

only not enough “Ant Adorable” wife of “Mum Jokmok” also loudly to the husband that “There are many houses Wouldn’t you be tired today? Sticky rice is sold, rice is sold, the host is also funny.” side “C Siwat” help mix the factory “Movies are done, music is done, I don’t know where the money goes. Shouldn’t you buy a bag for your wife?” make “Ant Adorable” hurry and say “It’s been 3 years and I still haven’t seen it.” Ouch, this work made me laugh out loud. Hagan the whole house.

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