Munich-Man United, need to find another striker … Kane Remaining String


Harry Kane looks set to stay at Tottenham Hotspur.

Every time a Kane transfer rumor came out, it attracted a lot of attention. Before the start of last season, he was linked with English Premier League (EPL) champions Manchester City, and Kane also wanted to leave for the championship. However, Tottenham were reluctant to let go of Kane, the team’s main striker and core, and in the end, Kane stayed at Tottenham and helped the team compete for fourth place.

The team that contacted after Manchester City was Bayern Munich. Munich needed a new striker following the departure of Robert Lewandowski in last summer’s transfer window. Like Lewandowski, Kane, who had the ability to connect and score, caught my eye, but I also couldn’t go easy on Tottenham’s stubborn attitude. Rumors about Kane’s move to Munich continued during the season, and manager Antonio Conte was furious, leading to several issues.

This time it’s Manchester United. The possibility of a Kane Manchester fashion has been discussed before, but this time it was a little more specific. Man Utd, who are rebuilding under manager Eric Ten Hag, are currently in 4th place in the league despite spending their first season. Coach Ten Hagh, who was promised active support from the club, recruited a number of players, but Cristiano Ronaldo left during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, leaving the team without a professional striker.

Manchester United are planning to challenge for the championship next season. As a result, it was expected that Kane, who wanted a trophy, would be filled with the final puzzle, and news that Kane was also open to transfer to Manchester United was conveyed together.

The situation has changed significantly. Now Kane has been tipped in the direction of staying at Tottenham. Reporter Florian Plettenberg of Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’ posted on his SNS on the 28th (Korea time), “Tottenham and Kane’s agents had discussions. Tottenham are now hopeful that Kane will remain in the team beyond 2024. Munich and Manchester United will no longer have the chance to sign Kane. In the case of Munich, they have no intention of giving up on signing Kane, but the leadership looks quite pessimistic. “

As I said before, Kane’s goal is to win. But what Kane really wants is a win at Tottenham. Kane is expected to choose to stay in order to achieve his goal.

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