Munich Offers Huge Sum for Harry Kane as Bayern Munich Eyes Premier League Star

Bayern Munich Makes ‘Ultimatum’ offer for Harry Kane Transfer

In a stunning announcement, German giants Bayern Munich have issued an ‘ultimatum’ to recruit striker Harry Kane from Tottenham in the English Premier League (EPL). Reports from British media outlet Daily Mail indicate that Munich has tabled a £86 million ($143.3 billion won) offer to Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy for Kane’s transfer.

Munich has set a deadline for Levy to respond, with expectations that Kane could make his debut for Bayern in the DFL-Super Cup final against Leipzig on the 13th.

This move comes as no surprise as Kane’s potential transfer has been a subject of speculation throughout the summer. While Munich has already made notable acquisitions in this transfer market, their priority remains the recruitment of Kane. As a result, personal negotiations have already taken place between Munich and Kane, who has only one year left on his Tottenham contract.

Furthermore, Munich has made a compelling offer to Kane, including a five-year contract until 2028 and the highest weekly salary within the team. Kane’s desire to transfer to Munich is evident, as he has reportedly requested a reduction in his salary to allocate additional funds towards the transfer fee. In fact, preparations are already underway for Kane’s potential move, with his wife scouting for a new house in Munich’s Grunwald region of Bavaria.

However, the final decision lies with Chairman Levy, who has a reputation for playing hardball in negotiations. Levy has previously rejected offers from Manchester United and even attempted to initiate a transfer with Real Madrid. According to Sky Sports, Levy is seeking a transfer fee of €120 million ($170.2 billion won) for Kane, a figure that differs from Munich’s offer.

It remains to be seen whether a breakthrough will be reached in the negotiations between the two clubs, but there is optimism for a potential agreement given the positive atmosphere surrounding the talks. Chairman Levy’s decision will ultimately determine whether Kane will make the move to Bayern Munich or remain at Tottenham.

Kane’s previous attempts to secure a transfer, notably to Manchester City, were thwarted by Levy’s high valuation, leading to a breakdown in negotiations. Kane’s summer has been relatively quiet compared to previous years, with his focus primarily on preseason training and matches. He has featured in friendly matches against West Ham, Lion City, and has trained alongside new signings James Madison and Manor Solomon.

Regardless of the outcome, the footballing world awaits with bated breath to see if Harry Kane’s future will lie with Bayern Munich or if he will continue to don the Tottenham jersey.

[Source: Star News, Money Today]

Reporter Yang Jeong-woong of Star News | 2023.08.05 07:39

Composite photo of Harry Kane’s Bayern Munich shirt. /Photo=90MINHarry Kane. /AFPBBNews=News1 Daniel Levy Tottenham Chairman. /AFPBBNews=News 1 Bayern Munich, the German giant, announced an ‘ultimatum’ to recruit striker Harry Kane (30, Tottenham) to represent the English Premier League (EPL). They bet how much they could offer. British media Daily Mail reported on the 5th (Korea time), “Munich offered Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy 86 million pounds (about 143.3 billion won) for Kane’s ransom.” Reported.

The media said, “Munich plans to wait for an answer from Levy until the next day after raising Kane’s ransom.” Currently, it is known that Munich want Kane to feature in the DFL-Super Cup final against Leipzig on the 13th.

Kane, who has been regularly rumored for a transfer this summer, is seriously raising the possibility of a move to Munich in June. It is known that Munich, who have recruited excellent resources such as Kim Min-jae (27) in this transfer market, still put the recruitment of Kane first. As a result, Munich began personal negotiations with Kane, who had just one year left on his contract with Tottenham.

Harry Kane. /AFPBBNews=News1 A fictional image of Harry Kane in a Bayern Munich uniform. /Photo = FCB Internal capture So far, the negotiations between the two sides have already ended. Munich offered Kane a five-year contract until 2028 to convince him. In addition, he promised the highest weekly salary within the team. Sadio Mane, who recently transferred to Al Nasr, will receive more than 20 million euros (about 28.6 billion won). Kane’s will to transfer to Munich is also great. According to British media Express on the 2nd, Kane asked Munich to lower his salary. The idea is to reduce the annual salary and add the remaining amount to the transfer fee. Already, Kane’s family is preparing to move to Germany. According to German Bild media on the 23rd of last month, Kane’s wife, Katie Goodland, who is about to give birth to a fourth child, went to Munich to look for a new house while Kane was in Bangkok, Thailand on an Asian trip. I went on a trip to international schools and real estate in the Grunwald region of Bavaria.

Harry Kane. /AFPBBNews=News1 On the 1st, Munich coach Thomas Tuchel said at Liverpool’s pre-season press conference held in Singapore, “Do you see the signing of Kane as a positive?” I can’t,” he said. All that remains now is Chairman Levy’s ‘OK sign’. Chairman Levy rejected the offer from Manchester United (Man United) for the transfer of Kane, and made a ‘reverse offer’ to Real Madrid from Spain, but even this did not work properly. Even in negotiations with Munich, Chairman Levi is known to do ‘bull trade’.

According to Sky Sports, a British media outlet, Levy wants 120 million euros (about 170.2 billion won) for Kane’s transfer fee. It is different from the amount presented in Munich. The media predicted, “Another meeting between Chairman Dresen (Munich) and Chairman Levy is not scheduled. However, in the current positive atmosphere, a ‘great deal’ over the phone may come to an end.”

Harry Kane. /AFPBBNews=News 1 Ange Postecoglu Tottenham manager. /AFPBBNews=News 1 Already, Chairman Levy blocked Kane’s transfer two years ago. After becoming the top scorer in the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2020-2021 season, Kane pushed for a transfer to Manchester City. However, Chairman Levy raised Kane’s transfer fee to an astronomical level and did not respond to the negotiations. In fact, due to President Levy, who declared a transfer refusal, Kane did not attend pre-season training, ruining the season that year. Bearing this in mind, Kane is currently spending the preseason schedule quietly. Kane started both games against West Ham (England) and Lion City (Singapore) during the Australia-Asia tour and played 45 minutes in the first half of each. As well as the current Mab Heung-min and Dejan Klusevski, he worked with ‘transfer students’ James Madison and Manor Solomon.

Harry Kane. /AFPBBNews=News1Harry Kane. /AFPBBNews=News1

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