Murder House, the mystery house from the series “American Horror Story”.

Archbishop James Long, Patti Negri the medium and the white witch, Michelle Belanger, vampire expert, Lisa Morton, historian and Halloween expert, Sasha Graham, tarot expert, Satish Dholakia, natural energy therapist, Dr. Waguih. Ishak, psychiatrist, professor Dr. Ernst von Schwarz, homeowner and cardiologist. And many other supernatural experts Will come and celebrate Halloween all weekend.

The ticket is priced at just $ 25, allowing you to view the surroundings online 24 hours a day, three days. And participate in various activities

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Murder House, the mystical home from the American Horror Story series, will be open to the public for the first time.On this occasion, homeowners Ernst von Schwarz and wife Angela Oakenfold revealed the attendees of the 24-hour, three-day live event from the venue. This is famous in Los Angeles. Can watch a live broadcast sample at

The Murder House livestream will begin in the twilight of Thursday, October 29, and will end at sunset on Sunday, November 1.Inside the house, 15 cameras are installed across 10,000 square feet of space to go live throughout. week

In addition to the live broadcast of Murder House, viewers can also watch daily programs. (Details below) Anyone who purchases a ticket can watch the live broadcast. But there will be lucky ones (Or unfortunate), only 6 people (2 people per night for three nights) have visited this house’s terrifying basement. With live broadcasts for people around the world to watch at the same time (The doctor will monitor the vital signs and mental state of the participants.)

Activities on the weekend include

– James Long, a pastor, a ghost slayer who has appeared on popular shows like “Ghost Adventures,” “The Possessed,” “Gates Of Hell,” “Exorcism Live!” And “Portals To Hell”, will be exploring the supernatural for the first time.
– Patti Negri, the spirit medium and the famous white witch from “Ghost Adventures” will lead the house’s first contact with spirits.
– Michelle Belanger, a renowned vampire expert and author who has appeared on “Paranormal State,” “Portals To Hell” and “The Real Vampire Files”, will explore a haunted world.
– Lisa Morton, historian and celebrity Halloween expert Will take you to explore the history and traditions of Halloween
– Sasha Graham, Tarot expert Will describe the world of tarot And one lucky winner will get to watch tarot cards online for free.
– Satish Dholakia, natural energy therapist Will give you advice on how to protect yourself from negative energy and evil spirits.
– Dr. Waguih Ishak, a psychiatrist, will talk about addiction to horror and fear.
– Prof. Dr. Ernst von Schwarz, homeowner and cardiologist It will explore the history of methods of torture of people in the Middle Ages.

Tickets are sold. There are also souvenir t-shirts for sale on the website. Part of the proceeds from the activities will go to the Baby2Baby Foundation.

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