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MUSD Board Plan to Increase Internet Coverage | The Delano Record

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The McFarland Unified School District Board of Trustees approved a plan earlier this month to provide LTE Internet coverage to most of McFarland.

On 8 September, by unanimous vote, the school board approved the project that would extend the fiber optic cable through various parts of the city, also building on existing systems. This allows the district to install antennas that would provide a stronger and more reliable signal than Wi-Fi to students in the McFarland district.

“Approving this project helps us connect our children with their teachers, classmates and course projects,” said school board trustee Angel Turrubiates. “When the project is completed, it will support our students for as long as they are in distance learning.”

The project was supported by the city of McFarland, which owns some of the properties where the district will install LTE antennas. With the support of Mayor Sally Tafoya, City Manager Maria Lara, along with Public Works Director Mario Gonzales, the city worked with the district to identify the locations that provided the strongest signal strength.

“Children are the foundation of our community and we are proud to partner with the school district. United together for a stronger academic community, ”Tafoya said.

Upon completion, more than 80% of MUSD students, nearly 3,000, will have an Internet service provided by the district at no cost. The expected completion date is December 31, 2020.

“When we switched to distance learning, a primary concern was the students’ ability to access their classrooms if they didn’t have strong internet connectivity at home,” said Superintendent Aaron Resendez. “This project seeks to eliminate that barrier that our students can face.”

The McFarland Unified School District is a basic skills district where reading, writing, math and responsibility form the foundation of the educational program.

The district is committed to enhancing a positive and creative atmosphere for in-service training, developing effective teaching strategies, improving home-school communication and instilling a sense of community within the district.


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