Museum of the Web of Space3 – Curator’s Notes 9

Create a New NFT

This time, considering that users of Materion are mostly polygon wallets, it will be placed in opensea. Interested partners are welcome to leave polygon wallets. This NFT, along with a white pixel in that whiteboard, will also be given away.

Space DAO is a platform for creating pixel art, so each pixel that is part of the pattern can also be distributed independently to different wallets on opensea, which can be sold and bought, and the owner can be changed, and the owner also has the right to change its colour.

Only NFT owners can see the hidden easter egg content.

Friends who are interested in collecting are welcome to get it by leaving a message.

(Since there is no specific requirement, I will send to the polygon wallet associated with Matters. Lower the threshold for collecting NFT)

Everyone is welcome to suggest and add to the gas fee used in delivery and the gas fee used for creation.

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