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‘Balika brought a children’s book…’- After humming, MM started singing these lines in the same scale. Cirafani. The rest of the listeners were confused, but the lyricist MD got the point. Rajendran wrote on the same scale – ‘Adhya romahharsha and angulia flower is the sweet that conveys the feeling…’. This ‘Keeravani touch’ was born to perfection when the song ‘Sisirakala Meghamithuna Rathiparagamo’ (Devaragam-Bharatan-1996) which comes to the minds of Malayalees when they hear the name Keeravani, was born at VGP Studio, Mount Road, Chennai. While composing, Keeravani will add some powder to make song writing easier. Something will be made up and sung in the same scale as the melody. It has no specific meaning or connection to the idea of ​​the song. ‘But what Keeravani does with pure melodiousness is an inspiration to lyricists. He has no compromise when it comes to perfection. The song ‘Sishirakala Meghamithuna’ was sung by singer P. After singing with Jayachandran several times, MD said ‘OK’ for ‘Devaragakala’. Rajendran said. This penchant for perfection permeates the soul of every Keeravani song. First at the Golden Globes and now at the Oscars, the same with ‘Natu Natu’ (RRR-SS Rajamouli-2022) that made India proud. Keeravani spent two and a half years to make that song into what it is today. The birth of ‘Natu Natu’ begins when the idea of ​​the film came to Rajamouli’s mind. Rajamouli has created this song with the importance of an action scene, which is a mix of heroism, Vashi, nationalism and pride. Lyric, rhythm, melody and instrumentation alternate at different stages of the discussion.

Although Rajamouli said ‘OK’, Keeravani was not complacent. Every step was exciting. Tried several versions. Alternate tunes. First changed the favorite tune, then went back to it, changed it again… and so on. Even after filming, the song was changed. He changed the structure of the song at many places to suit the lively movements’ – says Kalabhairava, son of Keeravani (sung by Rahul Sipligunj) who sang the song, ‘Natuvishema’.

Love me for what I am…

Keeravani is the 21st Melakartharaag in Carnatic music. A raga full of simplicity, gentleness and love. The movie Koduri Maragatamani Keeravani and Keeravani Garu of the music world is like raga in life. Malayalam favorite Kaitapram Damodaran Namboothiri is described as having a long-lasting relationship with those who have collaborated with him at least once. A man who lives only for music. Those close to him will call him Sangita Sannyasi. Keeravani will admit with a smile that he has elements of a saint, a music director and a singer. He will tell you to understand and love who you are. Like a song by Keeravani’s favorite music band ‘Carpentersy’ which was mentioned on the Oscar stage- Love me for what I am…

Keeravani has the mind of a saint whenever he approaches music. Images of Mukambika and Velankanni Mata are placed over the harmonium while playing the melody. The recording will begin with the recitation of a hymn by Soundaryalahari Shankaracharya. The same goes for stopping recording. After Shankaracharya, Priyam Osho is the philosophy of Rajneesh and Sivananda Swami. ‘Sivananda Swami and Osho’s views on life are different. The first talks about the end and the other about the means. I approach life by embracing these two approaches’ – Keeravani’s words. The composers who influenced Keeravani were John Williams and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. His wife MM is a line producer in Tollywood. Srivalli. Apart from singer Kalabhairava, Keeravani also has a son. Actor Sreesimhakoduri became an action hero through the movie ‘Matu Vathalara’.

Yesterday again…

Keeravani credits her father Sivashaktidutta, a lyricist and screenwriter, for not finding it a challenge to change tunes and compose. He used to compose different tunes with me for the same song from a young age. After tasting it, I became addicted. These experiences inspired me to be different in music and life’ – said Keeravani. Keeravani entered the world of songs when she was young by listening to the radio music program ‘Binaka Geet Mala’. Madan Mohan, Roshan, OP. Keeravani himself has been noted in many places as a child who only dreamed of music after imbibing the feeling of the tunes of Nayyar and others. After his father, Keeravani is credited to music director Rajamani. Gurubhakti Keeravani, who saw Rajamani once and fell down on his feet without even looking at the fact that it was gravel, is very famous in the film industry. Guitarist Suresh Balaram introduces Rajamani to Keeravani. The son of music director Chidambaranath, Rajamani was a busy orchestra conductor and background music specialist in South Indian cinema at the time. With his help, he opened up endless possibilities and possibilities of composition and instrumentation before Keeravani. In the beginning, Telugu music director K. Chakraborty and MG in Malayalam. Keeravani was an assistant to Radhakrishnan, Kannur Rajan, Kottayam Joy and others. Keeravani, who was also an independent music director, came to lead the orchestra for Rajamani. In 1990, he became an independent music director with the film ‘Kalki’, but it was not released. In the same year, Keeravani was noted for her songs in ‘Manasu Mamata’ directed by Mouli. In 1991, Keeravanik became busy in Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi languages ​​after the songs of the film ‘Kshana Kshansam’ directed by Ram Gopal Varma became super hits. The difference in the songs was also because of Keeravani’s name. Her name was Maragatamani when she had hits like Mammootty’s ‘Azhakan’ in Tamil. MM in Hindi Songs from films like ‘Jism’ (Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale, Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai), ‘Criminal’ (Thoo Mile Dil Khile) and ‘Sur’ (Abhija) all made the spring of melody.

Close to you…

Keeravani always says that he has a decades-long connection with Kerala, the birthplace of Shankaracharya. IV Keeravani’s relationship with Malayalam began in 1991 with ‘Nilgiri’ directed by Shashi. The producer

The challenge of an unfamiliar language is accepted at the invitation of KRG. But, PK Keeravani says that after listening to Gopi’s simple words, her unfamiliarity with Malayalam has changed. With his first song ‘Thumbi Nin Moham’, he made Malayalam close to his heart. The songs from ‘Nilgiri’ like ‘Kilipadumetho’, ‘Mele Manate Ther’ and ‘Manyuveena Pontarail’ introduced the musical wizard Keeravani to the Malayalees. The very next year for ‘Suryamanasam’ (directed by VG Thambi) ‘Taralitaravil Mayangyo Suryamanasam’ with Kaitapram was the best example of the ‘magic of Keeravani’ which conquers the human mind beyond language. Later, with the addition of a magician named Bharata, all the songs in ‘Devaraga’ became popular with Malayalees. Keeravani says to those who praise that all her Malayalam songs have a Kerala element, the credit goes to those who wrote them. After ‘Devaraga’ K. Keeravani composed songs for ‘Swarnachamara’ including the song ‘Oru Pokuveileta Pole’ with lyrics by Jayakumar, but the film stopped midway. In 1999, the film ‘Punnramkuil’ with Shibu Chakraborty was also not released. Apart from ‘Innale Peitha Mazathulill’ sung by Jayachandran and Chitra, the film also featured the songs ‘Pavizhamuntiri Thalirtuvallo’ and ‘Advaitamrita’ (with Yesudas) sung by Keeravani herself. In 1995, Keeravani also sang the song ‘Manantengandum’ written by Shibu Chakraborty and composed by Rajamani for the film ‘Manikya Chembzhukka’. Later, Keeravani’s music came to Malayali by dubbing films like ‘Hey Hero’, ‘Baahubali’ and ‘RRR’. Sreekumaran Thambi and Keeravani had composed five songs for a film produced by Johnny Sagarika. The work of this film, which was stopped during the covid period, will resume soon

There is a lot of news about the resume

Keeravani’s fans received it enthusiastically.

I won’t last a day without you

The country honored Keeravani with the Padma Shri in 2023. He won the National Award for Best Music Director in 1998, eight Filmfare Awards, 11 Nandi Awards, Lafka Award, Critics’ Choice Film Award, etc. Keeravani received a big award after the Oscars last day. A tribute to Richard Carpenter, one of the creators of the beloved band ‘Carpentersy’. Congratulations to Keeravani and the RRR team Richard and his family have presented a re-imagined version of the ‘Carpenters’ hit song ‘On Top of the World’. Keeravani shared her happiness on the Oscar stage to the tune of this song. Keeravani, who was quiet before and after winning the Oscar, was very emotional when she received the award. ‘I didn’t expect this at all.

I can’t hold back tears of joy. What better gift can I get in this universe than this?’- was Keeravani’s response. Perhaps Keeravani’s ‘Carpenters’ lyrics have to say to the music that gave him everything he dreamed of…

I’m not). l

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