Musical actress Lina from ‘Cheon Sang Ji-hee The Grace’ gave birth to her second child

Musical actress Lina, a former member of SM girl group ‘Cheon Sang Ji-hee’, gave birth to her second daughter.

On the 31st, News 1 reported that Lina gave birth to a daughter at a gynecology clinic in Seoul this morning. Both Lina and the baby are said to be in good health.

Lina married actor Jang Seung-jo, whom she met while appearing in the musical ‘Temptation of Wolves’ in 2014, and had their first son in 2018. Jang Seung-jo gained popularity as a sub-male character as eye-catching as the male lead in dramas ‘Money Flower’, ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Knowing Wife’.

Lina, who made her debut with ‘Isaac N Jiyeon’ in 2002, started her activities again with the girl group ‘Cheonsangjihee The Grace’ in 2004 after the team disbanded. Since 2011, he has been active as a musical actor. He appeared in ‘Monte Cristo’ and ‘Ben-Hur’. While the other members of ‘Heavenly Ji-Hee’ left SM, Lina is still working with SM.

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