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New Delhi – RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat is worried about the current ‘atmosphere of discord’ in the country, says former Election Commissioner SY Qureshi. On Wednesday, Bhagwat held a 75-minute meeting with five prominent members of the Muslim community. Qureshi was also involved in this. Qureshi was quoted by the national media as saying that the meeting was “constructive” and “sincere” and discussed issues of mutual concern.

In the context of the Gyanvapi mosque case, an attempt was made to meet in August, a few weeks after Mohan Bhagwat came out questioning the statement ‘to see if there is a Shiva lingam under every Muslim mosque’. Bhagwat expressed his concern about the RSS regarding the current situation in the country.

“It was clear to him that he was panicking. He is not happy with the current state of discord in the country. It is completely wrong. Qureshi added that the country can move forward only through cooperation and harmony. “Bhagwat also talked about killing cows which upsets Hindus. But we said that it was as if the whole country had now implemented the ban on killing cows. Muslims are law abiding. If anyone breaks it, it is a big mistake. There should be a penalty for that.

When Bhagwat said that the word ‘kafir’ makes Hindus feel bad, we said that the Arabic word means ‘unbeliever’ and those who believe in Islam are called ‘momin’ . Although it is a neutral word, it is now used in a negative sense. We said that there is no problem in preventing the use of that word.

Right wingers often call Muslims jihadists and Pakistanis. They doubt the loyalty of Muslims. Patriotism needs to be tested at every opportunity. Muslims are also Indians. When we heard about this, Bhagwat said that we share the same DNA and that the majority of Muslims here are converts. His stand is strong on the Shivalinga issue. It is welcome. ” – said Qureshi.

Apart from Qureshi, former Delhi Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung, Aligarh University Lt. General Samir Uddin Shah, former MP Shahid Siddiqui and businessman Saeed Sherwani were also present.

English Summary: Main RSS “Cow Killing Discussed, Discord” With Muslim Intellectuals

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