Must have!! Theerathorn hopes to lead the Thai national team to win the King’s Cup before the battle of Asia

Theerathorn Bunmathan, the attacking left-back, hopes to lead the Thai national team to the King’s Cup championship. Build confidence before going to the Asian Championship next year.

On September 20, 2022, at the Alpine Resort Golf Club, Chiang Mai Province, the Thai national team sets 48th King’s Cup Continue to practice after arriving in Chiang Mai for the second day. to prepare before the first match with the Malaysian national team In this training session, head coach Mano Poking led the 23 players to practice together, focusing on team play. Practice time 1 hour 30 minutes.

Before training, “Um” Theerathorn Bunmathan, a good left back for the War Elephants, said yesterday from training that some of the players who have played have improved. The people who didn’t play Not having a previous game, just stretched to play the ball monkey. Play some small sites. Today’s training is going to be a game. pooling I hope everyone will help each other. and has a commitment to practice before the start of the first game

“Personally, I am ready for the Thai national team. I hope to do a great job coming to play the King’s Cup this time. Playing the King’s Cup this time against the previous one. Not much different Because last time I kicked in Buriram, this time I came to Chiang Mai. new dimension The national team came out to kick in the states. Showed to Chiang Mai football fans to see. Let the fans come and support us too. It’s good to be able to stimulate the trend with football fans from other states to come and watch football.”

Theerthorn said it was expected this time. Every tournament that has been played is expected to win every championship. All 3 competing countries are strong teams. who have a higher position than us It is good for us to measure standards. The players who come here are all talented. We have both “J” Chanathip Songkrasin and “Check” Supachok Sarachat. Experienced players. And the rising star is mixed with this team It is believed that it will be another benchmark for us before next year’s ASEAN Cup and Asian Cup.

“For Thai football fans, I want you to follow and send encouragement throughout 90 minutes. For those who did not come to cheer in the stadium, they can send their support on the TV screen. I believe that everyone will will do their best to win the first game and qualify for the final.”

With the first match, Thailand will meet Malaysia on September 22, 2022 at 8:30 pm, broadcast live on Thai Rath TV, Channel 32.

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