“My-Apo” fears that fans will be deceived. after someone impersonating Close to artists in the camp, fraudulently transfer money

Formerly Be on Cloud Company Limited, an agency “my pride” with “Apo Nattawin” Send a letter explaining the caseThere are people who claim to be close to the artists in the agency personally. And tricked fans into transferring money to their personal accounts to support the purchase of the artist which is not true

this issue “My-Apo” Open your mind at the Embrace Happiness 2023 event to celebrate the year-end happiness festival at Central World Shopping Centre. “For fear of fake fans unknown details because it was during the tour Hearing the news, I was worried. But personally without being hit. Looks like a lot of money whoever Getting scammed is not very good. We do not want anyone to be deceived. worry about the fans Understand that this can happen There are people who love, there are people who don’t love We are worried We want fans to follow in the actor’s official office. to save I don’t want fans to lose their feelings. because when he does what he does fully I want us to have a good moment together.

book release camp The camp did its best. as appropriate the measures are now more clear The legal department deals with this matter. Don’t let this silence disappear. Because it can happen anywhere, everyone, because the book is published to actually do it, find the person who did it, and we still don’t know the details of it. ”

Ready to open after the previous going on a world tour Meet fans from many countries “A world tour to many countries. about a month Come back to be happy that many fans have been waiting to receive us today. The fans came to stay for 3 AM, some of them came from other states. Thank you all very much for coming. During the world tour, foreign fans are cute in every city. with Thai fans flying on Everywhere is cute different characters Saying thank you is not enough. because everyone is very cute We as Thai people get a chance to play for foreigners to see then he understands Know what we like, do what makes a big impression on us. different culture But the same is the love that everyone gives to each of the 5 cities.

which is after this There will definitely be light, sound, other sound, all of the 16 actors, will definitely go all out. Do you answer in Thailand? Because the details are still being discussed, as to where it will be, want to wait to follow up at the end of 2022, precisely at the Rajamangala National Stadium? maybe in the hall because the weather is hot It is believed to be a familiar hall, easy to travel (laughs).

Film work now rehearsed Glad to be a part of it. As Thai people, we are full. The film starts shooting early next year. Expect to see next year for sure. Details at this time can not say anything. because it is in the allocation process We still have strength ready to shoot fully Because our duty is to convey happiness to everyone. As for the music, I’m still not sure (laughs).

"My-Apo" Fans fear being scammed after impersonator Close to artists in camp, fraudulently transfer money

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