‘My biggest concern is how Sister Alice and her children will take this.’

Actor Saikumar said when he heard the news of Innocent’s death, he lost himself. Saikumar’s first role as Mathai in ‘Ramji Rao Speaking’ was one of Innocent’s most famous roles ever. Saykumar said that he was a guide all his life who stood in front of the camera without knowing anything, and he realizes that he no longer creates a void. Saikumar was responding to reporters on Innocent’s death.

“I feel like I’m gone. Innocent Chetan is the person who guided me when I was acting in my first film ‘Ramji Rao Speaking’ and he was not sure what to do and how to do it. The relationship with him cannot be expressed in words. At any time, no matter what topic is called, there will be an answer. A person like him is a rare birth. He was my everything. No matter what happens in career life, if we call him and ask him, he will get a clear answer “You go this way” and after hearing his words, we will follow him.

He was the president of the ‘Amma’ organization for so many years and he was a good man who spoke only when necessary. There is a void in front of us when we know it is no longer, eager to point out fault without hypocrisy or jealousy. My biggest concern is how Sister Alice and her children will take this. After birth we suffer like this in our short life during our journey to death. It is enough to accept that death is real, and since there is a medium called cinema, there is a peace that we can see at any time and laugh at its jokes. I pray for his family to find peace and for his soul to rest on the right hand of the Lord.”- said Saikumar.


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