My child must take care of ‘three things’ before the mid-term exam

April is the month of midterm exams, the first test of the new semester for middle and high school students. This first test score becomes an expectation for learning achievement and yourself for the next year and beyond in middle and high school. Therefore, the mid-term exam, the first exam of the first semester of the new semester, is a big burden for students. In particular, in the case of high school students, midterm exam scores can feel more burdensome because they are directly related to university entrance and GPA. However, with only a few days left until the exam, the most important thing right now is basic physical strength and immune control. To this end, pharmacist Jeong-seok Oh introduced three essential nutrients for middle and high school students.

April is the month of mid-term exams and spring fatigue seasonㅣSource: Getty Image Bank
1. B vitamins
At this time of year, there is an uninvited guest in the spring that haunts the students. It’s just spring fatigue. Before mid-term exams, there is a lot of activity at school and the academy, but due to spring fatigue, physical strength and immunity can be significantly reduced. In the spring, when the metabolism is active, the consumption of vitamins increases 3 to 10 times more than usual, so deficiency symptoms such as lethargy and fatigue appear.

Pharmacist Oh explained, “At this time, it is useful to take 8 types of B vitamins that help recover from fatigue and generate energy.” In particular, vitamin B1 should be checked to see if benfotiamine, an active form of the vitamin, is included. Benfotiamine prevents lactic acid, which causes fatigue, from building up in the body and is known to be 8 times more bioavailable than thiamine and 4 times more than fursultiamine.

2. Choline & Inositol
What students who are already exhausted right now need is a last minute burst of concentration. Pharmacist Oh recommended choline and inositol, which help improve concentration and memory by stimulating brain function. Choline is a precursor that is synthesized to acetylcholine in the body. Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, contributes to learning and memory control and maintaining brain function. In other words, supplementing with choline can help improve concentration.

In addition, inositol is one of the components of nerve cell membranes, and is known to improve brain function and help relieve stress and emotions such as depression and anxiety. Choline and inositol play an important role in improving concentration and relieving tension in students before a big test, and these effects are doubled when the two ingredients are taken together.

3. Beta Carotene
Students these days are used to listening to lectures on digital devices. Non-face-to-face classes due to the new coronavirus infection pandemic (Corona 19) also contributed to this. Beta-carotene should be taken care of for the eye health of students who are constantly exposed to blue light emitted from devices such as smartphones, televisions and computers. Beta-carotene is a representative nutrient that is good for the eyes, it enters the body and is converted to vitamin A. Vitamin A strengthens the mucous membrane of the surface of the eye to protect the eyes, and inhibits active oxygen to help slow eye aging.

Help = Pharmacist Jeongseok O


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