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By Vicente Morin Aguado

Black hole.

HAVANA TIMES – Photos of black hole are making their way around the world. It is a scientific discovery of the year. The news reiterated my memories when I first learned about the scientist who sent millions of people with Albert Einstein, despite both, who created mostly impossible theories. they understand.

In 1995 I was walking in Cayo Largo del Sur, a paradise reserved for tourists, a choice in the heart of the economy that wants to rise from the ashes of Soviet socialism that have been keeping our country for many years to date. Stephen Hawking's eyes locked me from a book cover, the first of those who put up a reception table in the Pelican Hotel. It is still a mystery, the title is today's headlines: Black Holes.

The efforts of the Horizon Event Telescope (EHT), which is an international project involving telescopes located in America, Europe and Oceania, proved successful in seeing the invisible. It is actually a virtual virtual instrument covering the planet's area with truly astrophysical facilities.

Back then in 1995, I was one of the privileged Cubans who could see light when the sun settled, because tourism was a sector and that there was a permanent electricity supply at the entire islands of virgin beaches. In the meantime, the rest of Cuba was a real black hole, no memo was designed. There were so many black people who lived on days when we had electricity, that people would say that “alumbron"(Lights). The Communist Party's Propaganda said that we had a “Special Period in Peace Times”.

Hawking Booklet defines a human fragment of pure energy in time and space in English, abandoned by some visitors, and that Cuba found it delicate in the sand. I read it with some difficulty because we were not even at the beginning of the Internet days, and I couldn't even think of having Google or even downloading a book online.

The two most important (and widely covered) media discoveries in the last hundred years are:

Albert Einstein emerged as a press press when photographs taken during a solar eipipse in 1919 created his general theory of relativity. Precisely, the light should be curved when traveling through the space and approaching the decomposition that would result from the gravitational range of stars that formed the backdrop to the darkness around the sun to our water bodies.

The event in the galaxy.

Now the famous British presenter (who has put high-ranking citizens and heads of state on the highest platform), has shown us their eternal presence on time. With the latest technology, reinforced by international collaborative efforts, we have the first black hole images.

Astronomers confirm the vitality of Einstein's hypotheses.

Stephen Hawking, who has always wanted after the Nobel Prize in Physics, may now have a post-mortem examination, as his fans have been displaying such unprecedented images in the community. science.

These memories left me twenty years after that first meeting with the book of determined theoretical physicist, who survived his death by some anomalous genes. While visiting Miami, a HT reader and a friend of mine, let me use his powerful computer and finally I was able to download an e-library. I came across “Short Time History” again, this time for a proper meeting.

Since August 2014, I have not stopped giving my colleagues copies of my universal literature in my hands, without borders, without limits beyond human dignity. These are my Free Books, a tribute to the super-scientist and to the spokesman who was and are Stephen Hawking.

Cayo Largo del Sur grew from the first time I found out about the black holes man. There are many hotels, local airports that are always busy in the day and at night, there is also a continuous supply of electricity and the power starts more and more here in Cuba. In Havana, talk (although you do not expressly express you) about another Special Period, the term that means big shortage.

An honest and convincing Chicken who recently married a Cuban woman told me of their experience last year and they were together on the island's honeymoon where this article is based:

“The Sirena beach is incredible, burning its pink sand, like the woman I chose to make her happy, but a dark thing came to end the honeymoon in the second. When we went to catch the boat to go on the Cayo de las Iguanas for a trip, my wife was told with a cynical kindness: Mrs's company regulations, which are consistent with the laws of this country, prohibit Chubs from getting on board a tourist boat. There is no marriage to this man, you are Cuba and you cannot board the boat. ”

The black hole escaped this powerful mind Stephen Hawking.

Vicente Morin Aguado:

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