My daily work wakes everyone up ♪ I’m so excited to hear Nyanko’s voice call “Good morning” (September 22, 2022) – Exciting News

American Short Haru

American shorthair Twitter user @hal_star_gram Haru-chan was born in February 2018.

I love playing with cat toys and laser pointers.

I also love walking and travelling.

She is very talkative and always talks with meow meow.

It’s my work every day that wakes everyone up, nya♪ A cat’s voice calling “Good morning~”… Click here for images >>


Haru is the first person to rise early in the family ♪

Haru’s job is to wake everyone up every morning.

But today Haru-chan’s voice wakes me up…

“Good morning.”

wake up cat


It seems that the voice that says “Meow~.” sounds like “Good morning~.”!

The owner seems to be very excited about this.

I’m jealous that Haru-chan is so cute waking me up every morning ♡

wake up cat


I ship to cute Haru-chan♡

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“I can listen to it forever” “I want you to wake me up too!” “This is ‘Ohayo’! “Your voice and face are cute!”

This is the owner’s account!

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