“My front teeth pierced my philtrum, and my face sank”… Bang Eun-hee remembers her son’s dizzying accident

Money Today Reporter Lee Eun | 2023.03.22 05:45

/Photo = KBS2 ‘Park Won-sook’s Let’s Live Together Season 3’ broadcast screen

Actress Bang Eun-hee told the story of her son’s dizzying accident.

In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Park Won-sook’s Living Together Season 3’, which was broadcast on the 21st, there was an appearance to meet sisters such as actors Park Won-sook, Ahn So-young, Ahn Moon-sook, and singer Hye- they were removed.

On this day’s broadcast, Bang Eun-hee brought up a story about her first husband and the son she gave birth to.

Bang Eun-hee said, “My son grew up early because his mother was not good enough. She even gave permission for a divorce.” In response, Ahn Moon-sook was proud, saying, “My son has become a guardian. He is a filial son.”

/Photo = KBS2 ‘Park Won-sook’s Let’s Live Together Season 3’ broadcast screen

Bang Eun-hee, who went through puberty seriously, said she asked the question, “Why was I born?” thinking her son would do the same.

However, the son showed a dignified look, saying, “I don’t feel like asking that question. I’ve already been born, so it’s important how I do it in the future.” In response, Bang Eun-hee said. “I thought my son was better than me,” he said.

Bang Eun-hee told an anecdote about her son’s military enlistment. He surprised everyone by saying, “My son says he usually meets someone, but he wasn’t contacting me. So I called and he said, ‘I’m sorry mom, but I’m at the station police'”, surprising everyone.

He explained the serious injury, saying, “My son tripped on my foot while running to catch the last bus and fell face first.

She then sheds tears, saying, “To make me not worry, I went to the police station alone and asked to call 119. I went to the emergency room, but the bleeding didn’t stop. But they kept saying, ‘I’m sorry, Mom.'” she sheds tears.

He admitted, “I had to have plastic surgery because it’s a human body. I had a 6-hour operation to remove bone powder, and the next day I met a doctor, and he said it was lucky my brain wasn’t injured. . I was very grateful for that.”

/Photo = KBS2 ‘Park Won-sook’s Let’s Live Together Season 3’ broadcast screen

The case did not end here. Bang Eun-hee recalled that time, saying, “At that time, I had to film. However, it was during the era of COVID-19, so only one guardian was allowed. But I had to I went to film. So the child went in alone without a guardian,” he recalled that time.

“But the director finished early, so I went to work as a carer, but suddenly, at around 5 in the morning, he took my son away and told me to pack. The nurse who took part in my son’s operation said that he was infected with Corona 19. So the doctor and the son got Corona 19 and they were quarantined. It’s done,” she said in tears.

Ahn So-young comforted her by saying, “There are many incidents when a woman raises her son alone.”

Park Won-sook, who lost her son in an accident, cheered calmly, saying, “Isn’t he alive even if you are sick and sick?” He continued to read Eunhee Bang with sympathy, saying, “Because he’s like this, he jumps around. He runs wild to forget everything.”

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