My head hurts. The house is uninhabited, I saw the bill shocked for 2 months and over 5 thousand before I knew the reason for the skyrocketing electricity bill.

The villagers are very confused. The electricity bill for 2 months is over 5 thousand baht, even though nobody is at home. The incision was taken out. Before knowing the cause of the electricity bill In summary, do you still have to pay?

Today (April 23) last afternoon the reporter visited a house in Thang Kwian Sub-District, Klaeng District, Rayong Province after receiving a complaint from the owner of the house that Charging for electricity use for 2 months in the amount of over 5 thousand baht, although not is anyone at home The break was cut down. how is it possible

When asked, Mr. Punphot, 22 years old, youngest brother of the owner of the home. took reporters to see the area Installation point of the electrical system control box in the house It was discovered that the cut out had been cut down in the uninhabited house. The house had just closed.

Mr. Before being charged for electricity for 2 months, over 5 thousand baht At first, the power was cut off in the house. Then we went to pay for electricity. Electricity also took a hot pot. Let’s stick to it as before.

Until March continued April There is an electricity bill that has been raised for 2 months, a total of 5,621 baht, so my sister was shocked because how it was possible. The house is deserted, the breaker is pulled down.

Later, a notice was given to the Electricity Authority, Klaeng District, Rayong Province, until the Electricity Authority sent an officer to check the power meter

It turns out that after an inspection, they found that When the staff brought the hot pot back Plugging in the opposite polarity causes the meter to work all the time. Until causing the electricity bill to be raised, a total of 5,621 baht

Is it currently still unclear from the Klaeng District Electricity Authority that we have to pay for electricity to lock this number? because electricity bills are not caused by consumption