My heart fell to Astragalus!! Chris Perawat has a car accident. good luck safe

My heart fell to Astragalus!! Chris Perawat has a car accident in the middle of the road. Fortunately, it’s safe and scratch-free. The fans were very worried.

Fans’ hearts almost stopped beating when they heard the news of the accident of the hottest young hero like “Chris Perawat”, with his car overturned in the middle of the road. Sukantha Sawat Road area by today (30 Nov) users of Twitter members using the name @littlealiceland Has revealed a picture of a white sedan in a state of upside down, wheels pointing to the sky. and in the picture it says

“The car overturned in front of my house. Shocked. 1. The car overturned. Shocked. 2. It’s Porsche. Shocked. 3. The driver is Chris Pirawat (but it’s okay. You can get out of the car by yourself.”

However, when the fans acknowledge that the young actor is not much. They both breathed more freely. After worrying about the safety of “Nong Chris” a lot.

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