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Myanmar counterpart governments satisfied ASEAN did not invite Min Aung Hlaing | RYT9

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The National Unity Government (NUG), a parallel government formed by Myanmar’s anti-junta. issued a press release expressing satisfaction at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN has decided not to send an invitation to General Min Aung Hlaing, leader of the coup d’etat, to attend the ASEAN Leaders’ Summit to be held on October 26-28.

Myanmar’s parallel government also stated that Parallel governments should be invited to the summit as Myanmar’s official representatives. Instead, it accepted ASEAN’s decision to invite truly neutral representatives to the meeting.

Brunei, chairman of the ASEAN Association, said on Oct. 16 that non-Myanmar non-political representatives would be invited to attend the ASEAN Leaders’ Summit. This indirectly barred the leaders of the Myanmar military junta that seized power earlier this year from the summit. by reasoning that Myanmar’s junta has failed to implement the peace plan agreed with ASEAN.

The parallel governments emphasized that Non-Myanmar political representatives to attend the summit It must not be a covert representative of the junta. “It is important for the ASEAN Association to exclude General Min Aung Hlaing. But we also want to call on ASEAN to recognize us as official representatives.”

This decision is a major move for ASEAN. In the past, they often chose to negotiate and adhere to the principle of not interfering in domestic affairs.

A spokesman for the Myanmar military government blamed Such a decision by the ASEAN Association is the result of “Foreign interference” with the statement that This act is contrary to the objectives, charter and principles of the ASEAN Association.


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