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Myanmar military to fall into ASEAN ‘bullying’… Indochina’s allies also show signs of leaving

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Prime Minister Prayut Chanocha (center) speaks at the ASEAN Summit held on the 26th by video. The seat (light blue) of a Myanmar military officer who refused to attend the meeting can be seen below him. bangkok post capture

The Myanmar military, which caused the coup, is rapidly losing its position in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). In the meantime, even the Indochina countries, which have given strength to the military, saying, “The situation in Myanmar is a matter of internal affairs,” has begun to order ‘ASEAN’s active intervention’. Myanmar’s military, in a corner, hastily started to evolve, but it is predicted that diplomatic isolation is highly likely to worsen unless ASEAN mediation is accepted.

According to the foreign ministry and foreign media in Southeast Asia on the 27th, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chanocha said at the ASEAN summit that began the day before, “Resolving the Myanmar issue is a litmus test that tests ASEAN’s capabilities and an opportunity to prove ASEAN’s credibility in the international community. will be,” he said. He then reiterated that “ASEAN must stop the violence (which is taking place in Myanmar) and prioritize a peaceful solution.” Prime Minister Prayut is a former military politician who seized power in a coup d’état in 2014, along with Myanmar military chief Min Aung Hlaing, and has voiced opposition to ASEAN’s intervention in the Myanmar situation.

Socialist countries like Laos and Vietnam are also starting to distance themselves from the Myanmar military. The two countries, which declined to comment directly on Myanmar, said, “For peace in the region, we need to strengthen ASEAN’s internal solidarity” (Prime Minister Pankam of Laos), “ASEAN needs to find a new position in political relations and further solidify its role” (Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Tinh) said. It is interpreted that the two countries, which showed friendship enough to send a delegation to the ‘Myanmar Armed Forces Day’ held immediately after the coup, have now turned their attention to ASEAN mediation rather than the military.

Cambodia, which has already turned its back on Myanmar’s military, has taken a tougher stance. Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen, who will become the ASEAN presidency in 2022, said, “While Myanmar has not yet expelled Myanmar from the ASEAN framework, the Myanmar military has renounced its rights by boycotting ASEAN’s attempts to mediate.” The reason that this situation happened was entirely because of Myanmar itself.” Cambodia, where the dictatorship has continued for 36 years, has also been an active voice in defending the military coup d’état.

Myanmar’s military seems to be perplexed. When the remarks of Indochina allies became known, a military government spokesman said the day before, “Myanmar’s absence from the summit was not intended to protest or boycott ASEAN.” Immediately after the decision to exclude Commander Helaing from the summit, he dropped his body and lowered himself, saying that it was “violating the spirit of ASEAN.” On the other hand, ASEAN continued to maintain a strong stance. In fact, part of the chairman’s statement released on the same day contained a phrase that “the Myanmar military must ensure full access for the ASEAN special envoy to dialogue with all parties involved in the situation.”

Prime Minister Pankam of Laos speaks during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit held on the 26th by video. VNA Capture

Hanoi= Jaeho Jung correspondent


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