Myanmar’s military and bloody suppression… 1 additional dead

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Despite the urging of the international community to refrain from bloodshed, the Myanmar military fired again on the 5th, resulting in deaths.

Local media, Irrawaddy, reported that one person was shot and killed in the process of shooting at protesters in Mandalay, Myanmar’s second city, this afternoon.

As protests against the military coup continue in Myanmar, citizens who have been killed by shootings by the military and police are occurring./AP·Yonhap News

Another local media outlet Myanmar Now reported that the 20-year-old man was shot in the neck and was watching a protest involving thousands of people.

The death by the shooting of the military and police was only two days after more than 38 people were killed by the police indiscriminately shooting in Yangon on the 3rd.

In a statement the previous day, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mitchell Bachelet said that at least 54 people were killed in military and police shooting in Myanmar after the coup on the 1st of last month, and that the actual death toll is estimated to be higher.

“It is very disgusting for the military and police to fire live ammunition at peace protesters,” said Bachelette.

However, the Myanmar military does not seem to care about the voices of the international community.

According to UN Envoy Christine Schraner Burginer on the 3rd, Deputy Commander of Myanmar’s military commander So Yun responded to a warning from Envoy Burginer that “it is likely to be isolated under strong sanctions.” “We have to learn to be with a handful of friends.”

Amid the rising level of violence in the military and police in Myanmar, electricity is cut off in various places in Myanmar on this day following the’late-night internet blocking’, increasing citizens’ anxiety.

Reuters reported, citing local residents that electricity went out from Michina in the north, the capital Naypido, Yangon, the largest city, and Molamin in the south.



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