MYGE officially released the autumn and winter 2022 Lookbook series

MYGE officially released the autumn and winter 2022 series. The creative sources cover video, music, religion, philosophical and cultural thought, and release the concept with “Wild Kids World Wide” as the core. The series still emphasizes the high quality and core of street culture, and the unique view of the brand world and street atmosphere are reinterpreted through a strong visual design. Whether it is pattern design, cloth printing or hand dyeing and washing, denim release printing, color selection, etc., all manifest a unique operational thinking. At the same time, the new series is dominated by seasonal items. In addition to a variety of long Tee’s representative image, the full-page hand-painted graffiti shirts and splice cut jumpers impressively presented with excellent visual design techniques. At the same time, nine Decades and millennials style elements, cleverly create a new generation of retro street look, complemented by a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere as decorations, and inject functional, sports and other elements to present a completely different and concept unique brand.

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