Myshkin told me when he came to listen to the story that you are not the actor I meant – Naren

Myshkin told me when he came to hear the story that you are not the actor I meant: Naren

Naren is an actor who has acted in three consecutive films of the Tamil director Mishkin. Naren says that Mishkin rejected him from the film saying that he did not have the right face for the character. His response was to Kanchanel Media.

‘Mishkin is often a horror. But it’s okay because it’s not new to me. One who doesn’t can’t. It’s easy to reject, hard to embrace.

We should be able to understand why someone rejects us. While studying cinematography I acted in a short film of one of my friend Diwakar.

Everyone there knows I love acting, teachers and kids used to make fun of me. They said that someone else’s future is lost because of you, who just wasted the seat.

There were even those who said you should fix the camera first and then you can act. It didn’t affect me because I had the desire to act.

Diwakar told Mishkin about me when Diwakar and Mishkin came together for a film because of acting in Diwakar’s short film. When I heard the story told by Mishkin, I could not refuse it.

But he looked at me and said you are not the actor I meant. You have a soft face and a soft nature. My character was said to be the one who walks to get hit.

I was clean shaven at the time. I asked if it would be okay if I came with long hair and a beard. But there is no limit, he said. Two months later, I went to see my beard and hair extended, and Mishkin ran to me and hugged me,’ says Naren.

Naren said this is how Mishkin’s first film came to be and the shooting of the film continued for six months after a reported 60-day shoot.

“In this way, I have lost many films. At that time, whoever calls me, I’m on the set of this movie. Many even started asking if he is not doing Malayalam films. My mind wouldn’t let me stop halfway.

Nine months later, during the last schedule, Bhavana came for a song scene. He started teasing me saying this film is not done yet, I acted in four films and one of them was released.

When the film was finally released, there were 50 people in the theatre. I was so sad. Water came from the eyes. But suddenly the film became a discussion and it was re-released again. Chittaram Pesutadi is a film that ran in theaters for 125 days,’ added Naren.

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