[N컷] Lee Si-young reveals his lovely daily life with his son in Taichung

MBC’Point of Omniscient Interference’ © News 1

Lee Si-young reveals his son for the first time in the’Point of Omniscient Interference’.

In MBC’s’Point of Omniscient Intervention’ (hereinafter referred to as’the battlefield’), which airs on the 16th, a lovely day of Lee Si-young and his son Jung Yoon-i is drawn.

On the 15th, the photo released by the side of the ‘Jeon Cham City’ contains the image of Jo Jung-yoon, who resembles Lee Si-young. Jung Yoon-i is said to have disarmed the hearts of not only Lee Si-young and the manager, but also the’war-time’ staff with a consistently bright smile.

On this day’s broadcast, Lee Si-young is planning to show a’professional childcareer’ that is quite different from the girl crush image in the work.

In particular, it is a message that Jung Yoon-i showed the appearance of inheriting the food DNA of his mother, Si-young Lee. Expectations gather about how the daily life of Lee Si-young and son Jeong Yoon-i will be drawn.

Lee Si-young married Cho Seung-hyun, a restaurant businessman in 2017, and gave birth to Jeong Yoon-gun in 2018.

On the other hand,’The Battle of War’ is broadcast every Saturday at 11:10 pm

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