Na-eun’s ‘Agency’ son Lee Bo-young triggered the first meeting

[뉴스컬처 김기주 기자] ‘Cheat Key’ Na-eun’s son from ‘Agency’ finally starts planning a VC.

Before the main broadcast, the glowing first meeting between managing director Lee Bo-young and managing director Son Na-eun was released in advance, raising questions and expectations at the same time.

In the last broadcast of JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Agency’, I got a glimpse of the potential of Kang Han-na (Mab Na-eun), the youngest daughter of the VC group who looks like an immature idiot, but can never be seen lightly.

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He strategically used his father, Chairman Kang Yong-ho (Song Young-chang), to increase the number of followers on social media. Secretly broadcasting Chairman Kang licking the lid of his own brand yogurt via SNS live, he created an issue that everyone is curious about, ‘Conglomerate and Yoghurt Lid’. Thanks to that, Chairman Kang has become a favorite of the common people, and the global sales of its new refrigerator have also increased. This is the reason why the grandfather, Chairman Wang (Jeon Kuk-hwan), who formed the VC group, closely watched his granddaughter who had the material of “a real businessman who does business with his instinct, not his head.”

Therefore, Kang Han-na attracts attention as a key figure who can shake the fierce war within the company between Go Ah-in (Lee Bo-young) and Choi Chang-soo (Jo Seong-ha).

For Go Ah-in, who does not have a side in the company, it was a good hidden card to use as a similar type of person who “thinks strategically and acts like a crazy X”, and for Choi Chang-soo, it is a strong rope that can ride Chairman Kang’s line. Furthermore, Go Ah-in swung a sword with the authority of the head of production headquarters’ personnel to purify Choi Chang-soo’s line, and split the production team into two to create his own ‘line’, shaking Choi Chang-soo’s mindset. Now, Choi Chang-soo is in a situation where he has to get rid of the orphan in order to survive.

The next step is Go Ah-in, who aims for a higher position with his strong survival instinct, and Choi Chang-soo, a meticulous strategist with the 9th rank in office politics, is expected to counterattack.

In the still cut from their first meeting, released on the 15th, you can also catch a glimpse of the extreme attitudes of Go Ah-in and Choi Chang-soo. Choi Chang-soo bends his waist at 90 degrees and politely grasps Kang Han-na’s outstretched hand with both hands. That’s why the contrasting attitude of Go Ah-in, who looks straight into Kang Han-na’s eyes and confidently shakes her hand, draws more attention. Above all, a quick-witted orphan who grew up with an aunt in an aunt’s house when he was young, and Kang Han-na, who is quick to judge the situation with a touch of genius, a spark as if they instinctively recognized that they were of the same type from the first meeting.

The production team said, “Go Ah-in, who uses an unpredictable unconventional strategy, and Choi Chang-soo, who uses a step-by-step construction strategy, have contrasting attitudes towards Kang Han-na as well as how to use her. Conversely, Kang Han-na, who has to take a position in VC planning for succession within the group, also uses both in a different way. If you pay attention to the relationship between these three people, you will be able to feel more fun.”

Meanwhile, the JTBC drama ‘Agency’ has risen in viewership after only 3 episodes, and has been on track at the box office. It recorded 7.1% in the metropolitan area and 6.5% nationwide, and the highest viewer rating rose to 9.5%. (provided by Nielsen Korea, based on employed households)

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