Na Kyung-won held hands at the end of three and a half, but even went on the offensive against Ahn Cheol-soo

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People’s Power Former lawmaker Na Gyeong-won met with Candidate Ki-hyun Kim today and held hands.

Indeed, his intention expressed support, but his expression was not very bright.

Candidate Ki-Hyun Kim went on an ideological offensive against Candidate Chul-Soo Ahn by even using the ‘colour theory’.

It is unusual for the people’s power to come out with such an offensive “color theory” in the party’s election.

Reporter Jo Hee-won covered the story.

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Candidate Ki-hyun Kim has already visited former Congressman Na Gyeong-who won three times in the past few days.

After going home and to Gangneung, we ate together in a restaurant today.

After a lot of hard work, I joined former legislator Na Kyung-won.

[나경원/전 국민의힘 의원]

“We talked a lot about love and loyalty to the party. We also shared many insights.”

Former Congressman Na Gyeong-won, who gave up running after intense pressure from President Yoon Seok-yeol and pro-Yun circles, won.

He changed his position that he had no part in the party convention and said he would play the necessary role.

[나경원/전 국민의힘 의원]

“I will play a role in what is necessary for the successful administration of the affairs of the state and the victory in the general election…″

But his expression was not bright.

Thinking about the future, he seems to have made the decision that he could not continue to distance himself from President Yoon Seok-yeol or his pro-Yun family.

It seems that candidate Kim Ki-hyun visited me three times because of the approval rating.

After former Congressman Na stopped running, the approval rating for Candidate Cheol-soo Ahn has risen significantly.

The competition between the two candidates is getting fiercer.

Candidate Ki-Hyun Kim claimed that the late Professor Young-Bok Shin was the “godfather of communism” and asked “Explain if you still respect him.”

It is unusual for the ‘colour theory’ to appear in the People’s Power party election.

[김기현/국민의힘 당대표 후보]

“I think it’s a very important policy test of whether or not you can be a representative consistent with our party values.”

Candidate Cheol-soo Ahn countered that he had already proven that he had merged with President Yoon.

When asked if he would drop from the centre, he showed his confidence by saying that he would never do that.

[안철수/국민의힘 당대표 후보]

″Did you see the No. 1 candidate leave? You should never resign CEO Kim Ki-hyun. I want you to fight together until the end. ”

Six candidates for representative of the People’s Power party came together for the first time today and held a policy presentation.

This is MBC News Jo Hee-win.

Video commentary: Song Rok-pil, Kim Dong-se/Video editing: Moon Phil-hak

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