NACC death point loses police station case The girl is not deep, can’t reach the “bribery tie”

The curtain is already closed for “abandoned house caseat onceSupreme Court Criminal Division for Persons Holding Political Office read the wordjudgeon September 20, 2022″dismiss” The case at the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) as the plaintiff filed a lawsuit by himself, both “Suthep Thaugsuban“The former Deputy Prime Minister, along with “Big Square.” 4 cases, 1 private person and 1 private representative

Suthep” Porcelain politicians Through the heat through the cold for no less than 43 years of politics since winning the election Surat Thani MPs, for the first time in 1979, faced a big monsoon in their lives with the incident of “Por. Kor Kor 4-01” in 1995, giving an interview after the court dismissed the lawsuit. proud to be clear of the dirt After being attacked as a corrupt person for 8-9 years and announcing his support for the People’s Political Party but he did not want to return to playing politics again Confirm not to sue anyone

In this regard, “Suthep” has always confirmed its purity since “Tarit Pengdit“The Director General of the Department of Special Investigations (DSI) at that time had presented the case since 2013 and sent it to NACC to investigate it. A sub-committee was established to investigate in 2015 onwards, before passing a decision to determine the offender in 2019

Confirm that the duty is carried out correctly comply with the decisions of the legal Cabinet The unfinished part relates to the administration of the Royal Thai Police contract with the contractor group.Suthep confirmed.

When “Suthep” fell out of this case Social trends will criticize the “NACC”, which is the main “work mother” for making phrases. and the plaintiff filed a lawsuit in this case

preliminary”Niwatchai KasemongkolThe secretary general of the NACC said that this matter would have to wait for the Criminal Office, the NACC to produce a full copy of the judgment for analysis before sending it to the NACC meeting for consideration Is there an “appeal” or not. , because according to the new law of the Supreme Court Allows the plaintiff and the defendant to appeal in the general meeting of the Supreme Court.

In the case of the NACC, there was no prosecution for bribery. Make the evidence weaker or not? and having fully defended the case Can be criticized. or if anyone has a clue New facts can be sent to NACC Can also consider further.

In the case of claiming bribes admit that the evidence did not arrive Because the information received is smart. There is no evidence of the financial route. therefore only as long as complete evidence is available

The “demand for bribes” bond is a definite “death” that can change the direction of this case. Then why did NACC not investigate this matter further?

foot before saying The case is divided into 2 idioms and recently it was combined into one idiom in the Supreme Court hearings, namely:Build a police station (house) instead of 396 houses The damage was 1,728 million baht, andA project for the construction of Police accommodation buildings (flats). 163 houses, damage of 3,994 million baht, with all idioms having the same name of the accused and only some differences

In this case, “DSI” Yuk “Tarit Pengdit” was responsible in 2013. There are many names of people in the phrases, including the name “Abhisit Vejjajiva“The Prime Minister then too, but in the NACC hearings since 2015, these names have been deleted. Because of insufficient evidence to be heard to be relevant

Mahakhun topic“Krabi, number one of the NACC, at the time was the chairman of the investigation sub-committee. Has been interviewed to confirm that The case for building this new shelter Not only the issue of wrongdoing under Section 157 of the Penal Code, but also deep into the financial path, or maybe “bribery” to government officials.

During the committee’s hearing The original NACC Tensions arose between “Wicha Mahakun” and “Suthep Thaugsuban” when “Suthep” sent a letter to the NACC asking “Wicha” to be removed from being the chairman of the investigating sub-committee.

Because he used to be “conflicted” when “Suthep”, when he was the deputy prime minister, had the decision of the SEC.a large podPolice Lieutenant Patcharawat Wongsuwan Former police chief rejoins the government Contrary to the decision of the NACC, which referred to serious and disciplinary offenses against “Big Pod” in the case of the dispersal of a PAD rally in 2008.

However, the NACC at the time remained “magical”, refusing to comply with “Suthep’s” demands by allowing “Wicha” to sit as chairman of the investigative sub-committee.

When it came to the “Delay” period of the NACC Office, a new committee came in to carry out duties, led by “Big Gui”. Pol Gen Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit Former police chief, former “front room” General Prawit Wongsuwan Come and sit on the podium.”President of the NACC” It seems that the “magic” is starting to disappear.

It is said that since the beginning of the period, the NACC Office in the Deciduous Period had “dark hands” playing the game of “defeat cases” that appear with the name of the surname “Wongsuwan” out of the directory, whether it is the case of the cancellation of the PAD rally including the scandalous case of the police Even without the last name “Wongsuwan” as the person accused but appears in the case of the investigation In the matter of procurement in wrong first Royal Thai Police (Sq.)

The case for building a new shelter from the original focus on the investigation Investigating the financial trail, finding information about “taking bribes” for a large piece of evidence. “Politicians-government officials” resort to “turning the issue” to play about the “process” of procurement that collects one contract. Refusal to separate procurement by sector caused them to be charged with offenses under Section 157 of the Penal Code and the “Hua Auction” case

This made many “NACC officers” who did such cases. There was a slight dizzy pain in the head. until the last meeting of the Board of Directors The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) decided to note that 6 cases of “Suthep-Khuo” crimes are guilty of crimes under Section 157 of the Penal Code only and that the private sector is guilty of supported under the Hua Act.

There is no issue of “accepting bribes” in any way?

Even in the police apartment construction project The facts according to the investigation seem to be During the construction work, Pol Lt. asked. Col. Komkrib Nuttalai, who was appointed as the Employment Inspection Committee, Provincial Police Region 6, for payment by the contractor in exchange for assistance in the employment inspection in the amount of 60,000 baht and Pol Lt. Col Sayan Cinnamon, who was appointed construction supervisor in Provincial Police District 5, has demanded money from the contractor in exchange for helping to manage the construction work in the amount of 91,618,000 baht, which is legally unreasonable exploitation of you himself or for others

Easy to think, the “police sword” level still earns more than 91.6 million baht. Is there a higher level than this or not?

In 2019, the NACC explained that NACC is in the process of expanding the financial route in this case. But when pointing out the blame Suthep and others in the same year This is not true at all?

But the NACC in the “deviant” era separates the bribery rhetoric to point the “police sword” to a “single death” for an “extraordinary rich” of 91.6 million baht at the beginning of 2022 instead.

So it is not strange when the committee Misunderstood the NACC Suthep-Chao and sent the case to the Attorney General.NESDB) There must be a joint working group to consider incompleteness. In the end, the prosecutor did not prosecute. NACC must carry evidence to “challenge it alone”

Finally, the conclusion of this case It may not be different at all from the PAD 2008 rally cancellation case where the Supreme Court ruling “rejected” the case.

When the NACC declines the magical People have a crisis of faith, “Abandoned Asylum” will become a monument of shame, just like “Hopewell Pier”

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