Nagas protest against central government’s decision not to withdraw Spanish law Naga organizations against the decision of the central government

Kohima: The Sixth Amendment, which gives special powers to the military, The Central Government’s decision on the summit will be taken up by the Tichna Gha group. Tons. The central move was unacceptable and even the Nagas’ descendants were beaten. The organizations also made it clear that they were targeting the dead.

The government is ignoring the needs of the people. Naga tribes go to great lengths to repeal off-Spanish law Secretary General of the United Nations General Assembly, Naga Ho Ho. Elu N Dang opened the door. The military has the right to shoot and kill innocent people. There will be no peace in the region as far as the hill is concerned. It is the military, not ordinary NGOs, that are causing the problems. He added that. Troops to end ceasefire earlier this month He also accused Meena of killing him.

Central action is tantamount to challenging the common man. Gomez’s Association adviser Rose Marie Suu Kyi said. We are shocked by this humiliation. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. And women. Let them take their stand on the approach to the Central Government. They added that this is a step that needs to be re-examined. Global Naga says protests against off-spike are forest-based Rum convener Chu Bosk also said.



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