“Nai Naphat” moves to defeat the love knot after “Pat” pretends to be single

A little embarrassed, but I have adjusted my understanding.

It can be said that the fans have to keep updating day-to-day according to the strong mother of one child. “Pat Napapha Tantrakul” Let’s just say that For the relationship status between the person and the police officer’s sweetheart “Mr. Napat Chaiprapha” In the past few days, Pat’s young lady in the middle of the show looks like a single person.

“Pat Napapha” smiles in the middle of the program like a single person Plus the latest post saying I don’t have a boyfriend.

“Mai Sukhonthawa” reveals a photo of “Nong China” allergic to bananas until the rash appears. Telling motherhood each night that I never sleep soundly.

Son of Angels “Mother Noi” is delighted, “Tono” pays a luxury watch as a gift.

Plus yesterday (14 Jan 2022) “Pat Napapha” Still revealing the picture along with writing a caption similar to reinforcing the single status again that… “Preliminary symptoms are no fever… General symptoms do not have a girlfriend #Sweet Jeab #Mother and Son 1” This made the albinism glands of the fans and netizens twitch as they knew the relationship between the two in a row.

latest on the side “Mr. Napat” has moved to defeat the love knot by posting a message via IG story that “555 didn’t answer in time, we’re still in a good relationship. A little sulking But we’ve settled on understanding each other.” before being followed by a clip of the person who was teasing “Nong Racing” Another clip of Pat’s son It can be said that it reinforces the good relationship between mother and child ever.

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