“Nail a nail in the classroom window”… A daycare teacher at a daycare center who struggles with ‘Gapjil of the headmaster’

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A study found that seven out of ten daycare teachers were bullied at work.

It is said that the perpetrator is usually the director, but even if the president changes, the director cannot be changed, so in the end, the victim teacher has to quit.

Reporter Ji Yoon-soo reported.

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The kindergarten teacher’s room, which is about two pyeong, and the other classrooms, are covered with plywood.

Last summer, the manager suddenly said, “I need a bulletin board” and made me nail it.

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“I suddenly bought plywood and it was thumping at the window… I didn’t know that at first. I think blocking the window… I think my self-esteem went down a lot.”

It happened in a Korean public daycare center in Gyeonggi-do for children under 2 years old.

It is said that the director, who had a conflict with the teacher, not only this, but also complained about trivial matters and made him write an excuse.

An impatient teacher reported to the Ministry of Employment and Labor and was recognized for ‘workplace bullying’, but nothing changed.

He is suffering from mental pain as he has even been sued for defamation by the director for making a report.

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“Children are very quick-witted. Even when they see the teacher’s expression, they notice everything… I think the part where the nursery teacher had to hide their emotions and smile was very difficult.”

Another daycare teacher reported to the director that he had heard bullshit like “a stick is medicine” and threatened to “deprive you of your license”.

As such, 7 out of 10 childcare teachers said they had been bullied at work in the past year.

This is 2.5 times higher than the average office worker.

Most of the perpetrators are the heads of daycare centers, including the director.

However, because there are no related provisions, the local government cannot punish the director for harassment.

[함미영/공공운수노조 보육지부장]

“Even if we change the president or the head of a local government, who can decide the treatment of daycare teachers, the daycare center will not change unless there is a system that can change the director of the daycare center kingdom.”

Childcare teachers are demanding that the local government improve the system so that victims do not face retaliation or leave the daycare center.

This is Yoonsoo Ji from MBC News.

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