Nakajima & Matsuda & Nagano “a total of 117 years old” Can a huge veteran trio revive in a “hard training camp”: J-CAST news[testun llawn]

The giant presented “early work” from this spring camp. It was said that the fielders, with the exception of foreign players, took part in batting practice from 7:00 in the morning, on the suggestion of Hiroshi Okubo, former head batting coach.

  • Nobuhiro Matsuda, who joined the Giants (Photo: Penta Press / Aflo)

  • Nobuhiro Matsuda, who joined the Giants (Photo: Penta Press / Aflo)

“If you push yourself through exercise, you can extend your life as an athlete.”

From early in the morning, tee and cas shots are played all at once in the indoor driving range. Not only young players, but also regular players like Sho Nakata and Hayato Sakamoto, as well as veterans like Hiroyuki Nakajima, Nobuhiro Matsuda and Hisayoshi Nagano.

The sports reporter speaks.

“It’s not just young players who are expected to benefit from early work. Former players regain sharpness in their bodies and swings by swinging the size. Matsuda has a lot of physical strength, and Nakajima and Nagano have great physical abilities, so if you push yourself through practice, you will be able to extend your career.

At 40, the oldest member of the team, Nakajima has a lofty goal of achieving a total of 2,000 hits, just 77 more hits away. 242 batting average, 1 home run, 20 RBI in 62 games last year. Sho Nakata was doing well at first base, so Nakajima only appeared in 20 games in the starting lineup. I left a solid result with an average scoring range of .308.

In the camp where you swing the bat

Matsuda, 39, who joined this year out of Softbank’s strength plan, is also motivated to return. Last year, he played 43 games with a .204 batting average, 0 home runs, and 7 RBI. It is the first time in his 17th year as a professional that he does not have arches.

The 38-year-old Nagano, who returned to the Giants for the first time in five years in a free trade from Hiroshima, is extremely popular with fans. During the four years he was registered in Hiroshima, there was not one season in which he reached the regular season at bat, and he was dismissed to the farm three times last year. The feeling that I can still do it like a regular person will be strong. At the airport, there is fierce competition for the regular lineup of Yoshihiro Maru, Walker, new foreigner Brinson, Riku Masuda, and new member Rui Okoye, but if Nagano also shows his presence, he will bring a big alpha plus to’ the team.

A huge veteran of Rio, this camp is swinging bats. (Kengo Nakamachi)

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