Naked life for 12 years in the industry of Khaothip Thida Din used to flee from home outside the job.

Bare life 12 Years in the music industry Beautiful girl, Khao Thipthida Din Revealing life used to underdog Run away from home Because of lack of work

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Khaothip Thida Din A girl’s clear voice Open life in the industry for more than 12 years, used to undergo jobs, no money Until he had to flee from his country home to farm Before returning to the industry again As a super performer, join in the talk show SHOW, featuring PK Piyawat Khemphet, Ning Panita Thamwattana and Tanya Thanyaret Engtrakul as the host.

How many years have you been a Grammy singer? “It should be 13 years now. It’s still in the Grammy”

Is becoming a buzz for the drama Recipe for Love Zap Lee? “I’m very glad. Thank you to the adults on Channel One. Which gave Khao Thip an opportunity to participate in this drama Considered to change the character of Khao Thip In the past, there will be a neat naughty role, but this story will be very difficult to play comedy and will be the first to show the most meaty flesh. The real person is not sexy. Plain dress Like going on a night out, wearing just a t-shirt and jeans “

Until coming to this point in the entertainment industry 12 years of patience and diligence? “My parents have the main occupation in farming. Another job is Mor Lam. Since I remember seeing my father sing Mor Lam to feed us It was a very happy memory. It makes us want to practice singing Mor-Lam. Since children will sing Mo Lam in the fields We got the teacher Pak, remembered from my father and from TV, after that we had the opportunity to sing in various bands, sing and be a dancer. The song that released the first song, high school girl is still embarrassed I hadn’t signed a Grammy yet. Combine with new youngsters climb the stars. One project unites the plateau stars Is a singer in the northeast region There were 5 singers back then. It was a test for Grammys to pass or not. Will you continue to be a singer? At that time, I just came out with Grammy Gold. We felt it was so dreamy. That country boys will come out with an album Made a song with the singer, very happy “

Got signed with a Grammy How proud is your father? “My parents are very proud. That is, we see that we represent the school in various contests. Have worked for money Come to help the family That’s it, he was really happy. When we got to do a song with the Grammy, it was just so dreamy. If it’s a total album, it’s more than 10 albums, if it’s a solo album, it’s 2 albums. “

How is the trend after doing music with Grammy Gold? “During that time, the current was very good. Follow the radio waves to play our music The song we have broadcast Someone said they liked our music. That’s it, we are already very happy. Has been wired by radio and TV That’s it, I’m happy. “

What was the money earned from the album’s release? “The first money is taken to get rid of debt for the family Khaothip already has two sisters. At that time, the eldest sister studied for a bachelor’s degree. The second sister went to high school We went to high school But having a lump sum to pay for tuition is difficult. We sell rice for a profit, only 8000, so my mother went to borrow the bank and send her sister to study. At that time, it was the moment that we had the money to get out of debt. BAAC goes about half a million “

When I became an artist Why don’t we buy a car? “When we go to the department store or buy used goods We can sit in two rows. Who doesn’t buy a car because he thinks that money is better spent on debt to his family And when going to the concert, the company already has a van. The van will pick up and drop us off. And we rarely go out to travel with Rarely use money When we go, we go two rows. Some taxis alternate “

The car doesn’t buy, we understand, but the accommodation? Why don’t buy it? Why go to rent a mansion? “It is both Khao Thip and the adult as well Actually, it started with Khao Thip to study for a bachelor’s degree in Bangkok. And then there was a mansion that was near the compression room. Mansion priced at 2900 baht per month “

With this price, is it a cause for someone to come in and try to do something bad? “It’s been 11 years, when we just came back from the recording studio at midnight. And we just introduced a new song guide We came back with my sister, the younger sister, in the next room, and a man knocked on the room. Which we understand as a sister We were worried because my sister had entered the Khaothip room and said that a man had entered the sister room. And came to search under the bed My sister said why did you come in? He said that the room was lost. It was good that we were convinced that someone in the recording room had talked about this before. Khao Thip then shone the cat’s eye. Saw a man with a beer bottle next to him and called his sister to visit So my sister went and asked why. He said he came to find a friend in the room. Which is not And he said just right, knocked the wrong room, and he hurried over. So we called the professor at the recording room, and there was a friend of the professor who was a police officer. So he came to look for At that time the man was about to climb away. When he was caught, he searched himself. It was found that he had a porn CD, tape, and a fake penis of a man. And sex awakening pills I was very scared at that time. We are fortunate that the fellow teachers in the recording room are already police. So he sent the police station. That is, we think it is fortunate to have relatives, people around, good teachers who take care of helping us when we encounter various problems. So I don’t want to go to rest far away Would like to have relatives together to help solve the problem “

After seeing that incident, have we moved yet? “After that day, I started thinking of moving over a year. Now it has moved out That is, at that time the work was starting to be small We thought we’d find a business that could do it ourselves. Therefore selling Thai fabrics online So I consulted with him whether or not to open another room. But still in the same place But if that’s the case, your expenses will increase. So I thought to my brother that or could look at it as a townhouse with many floors to store clothes as well Can ship too The price is about 15000 baht, so I thought that I would buy a good house. That is, we think for a long time because buying a house is a big deal. There must be a lot of power “

So why did you decide to go home? “That is, during that time there were many joints that were beset by the end of the contract. The hiring was low, the music was delayed, and the flood was flooded as well, during the years 2011-2015, the money that we kept was spent indefinitely. At the same time we have no work. And another lump sum We also help relatives because they are selling the car. So we take the money here to buy him first in case he will take the place to do something first. Before returning to other provinces, there were about ten thousand dollars left. Is that we can take care of ourselves, take care of the younger If a short term But if it’s long term, it’s not. I couldn’t survive so I decided to go home. The mother said that if not, come back. Mother will feed At that time we were in tears. When going back to other provinces, I asked if it was difficult. That is, if we have rice, crab, fish and chicken to eat, we can live. Because not spending a lot of money Buy fish sauce, chili and salt already. Because our house also cultivates At home, we grow vegetables, we don’t spend a lot of money. There was a small grandchild at that time. Just recently born, so went to raise the grandchildren And went to help my parents in the fields and growing vegetables

Go home and what do we do? “Is Khaothip, saw her parents farm since childhood, after fighting the sky, face to face, and seeing the back of her mother puffing up the fields Then have to rub the back of the dive water When you see it, we want your parents to be comfortable. Have a better living We went to see arguing the leaking field. So we want to follow our dreams. “

Have you ever thought about not renewing your contract with the Grammy? “I used to think the same But being a singer is a dream for us and our family, won’t our fans miss us? We think too And I regret the opportunity and dreams that I have made. “

When we return home, how do you feel that we underdog? “Khaothip tried to think positively, even though we were not connected to the singer. But we still have parents who still support us We still have fields that we can do, we can grow vegetables, fish, chickens, we can, and fans, even though we like that we are singers, but most of them love who we are. We are the children of farmers, we set up a field, we represent the Northeastern people. Is a life fighter who goes to life in a big city if not through the singers We can live with the fields People love who we are. “

He called to play a play. What were we doing at that time? “At that time he returned to the provinces for 3 months. And elder PR called and said Just the way, just right, interested, contact us to play the drama Mr. Hoi Tamil, playing the role of Buakheaw, shocked because I didn’t think we would play. Because we had no prior knowledge of acting Then asked back if it really was or was not believed at that time the company took care of The company said he sent many pictures of Grammy singers. The people gave the right way to choose. Then he chose us Is the fitting day, we don’t believe it because we look very country house I think it’s fitting. He can change And if we don’t play well, they can substitute. Is that we are not confident at all “

And do you know what is the value for each section? “I don’t know, we let the company take care Asked if we finished playing the first story, do we get a lot of money? It was a lot for us, the money at that time was still kept first. And the same house We gave my sister to Then we came to the field with my parents. Come to bed at the field arguing Sometimes saw a leaky roof So I think it would be nice if we built a good house Keep parents at the field arguing When we go back, we will be with our parents. So it took the money to build a house for parents at Amnat Charoen Now there is a constant drama. Now, there is also a story about the love recipe. Playing as the eye of the eye “

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