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Naked with a Russian prostitute… Biden’s second son ‘sex video’ leaked

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A video of US President Joe Biden’s second son, Hunter Biden, having sex has been exposed.

On the 11th (local time), British media Daily Mail released a video of Hunter Biden talking nude in bed after having sex with an unidentified Russian woman in January 2019. It is known that the video was filmed by Hunter himself with his laptop.

According to the media, the video came from a laptop that Hunter left at a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware, at his home in April 2019.

In the video, Hunter told a Russian woman, “Russian drug dealers stole my laptop in 2018 while I was on drugs in a hotel room in Las Vegas.” He continued, “I remember sitting in the hot tub alone for the last time, and after my Russian friends left, I realized that the computer was gone.” The woman said, “Are you worried that thieves will threaten you? If I had the video, I would have threatened already.” Hunter replied, “I’m worried because my dad is running for president.” Hunter said, “They won’t make any money by selling these blatant videos to pornography or the media.” Said nobody might want to see me naked. He added, “My father is a public figure, so it may be a news issue.”

Hunter Biden, meanwhile, is the only remaining son of President Joe Biden’s eldest son, Bo, who died of an illness. However, Hunter Biden was hailed as a ‘troubleshooter’ during Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Hunter has a history of being expelled from military service for suspicion of drug use, and after his brother’s death, public relations with his brother-in-law were revealed.

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