Home Health Nakhon Ping Hospital found 12 children under 1 year infected with COVID, the youngest was only 22 days.

Nakhon Ping Hospital found 12 children under 1 year infected with COVID, the youngest was only 22 days.

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Nakhon Phing Hospital reveals children under 1 year of age COVID-infected 12 cases, the youngest of only 22 days, indicated that the infection in children had a psychological and social impact.

On April 28, the last Facebook page. Nakhon Phing Hospital Chiang Mai Province The case of COVID-19 infection has been reported, with data on the treatment of those infected in children under 12 years of age, where the hospital is responsible for the treatment of the younger group 1. Years and in this group the youngest at only 22 days, the hospital has stated that

When a young child is infected with COVID This outbreak of COVID disease in Chiang Mai province. Many infected people, not even small children (Update, youngest: 22 days).

According to statistics of COVID-19 cases in Chiang Mai until April 27, 2021, there were 3,359 cumulative cases of COVID-19. And 99 (2.9%) of children were younger than 12 years, although most of the pediatric patients were asymptomatic or mild compared to adults. But if a child is less than 1 year old with underlying disease such as heart disease, lung disease, or low immunity. It is also a risk factor for developing life-threatening COVID.

Caring for pediatric patients in Chiang Mai Has assigned Nakhon Phing Hospital as the main hospital to take care of And giving advice on children infected with COVID-19 by the pediatric team of Nakhon Phing Hospital Nakhon Phing Hospital will take care of patients with high-risk children and children with symptoms. Children who are asymptomatic or at risk can be cared for at a community hospital. Private hospital Or a field hospital, for example, in the case of a small child center in Tambon Mae Is, Doi Saket District

In the past, Nakornping Hospital treated 12 pediatric patients, and nine were found to be under 1 year old, the youngest child infected with COVID was only 3 months old. The youngest was only 22 days old). Most of the children had moderate symptoms (yellow levels), 8 cases (73%), that had abnormal pulmonary X-rays but no hypoxia. Low blood and two children were at risk but without symptoms.

Among the 12 children, the most common symptoms were 82% mucus and 45% of the fever. In addition, the symptoms of diarrhea decreased, decreased playfulness, lethargy, or rash in those with symptoms or at risk of severe disease. Will provide treatment with antiviral drug Favipiravir After 10 out of 12 favipiravir treatment, all children improved after the drug was administered.

The fact that children with COVID-19 have physical, psychological, and social consequences is a sensitive issue that medical teams and nurses need to look around and holistically. Mother did not detect the infection or parents detected COVID-19. But the child was not infected The key to disease control requires isolation of children infected with COVID-19 and quarantine for at least 14 days.

The detention of young children infected with COVID-19 has psychological effects, including confinement, Separation from parents or family Especially young children who still cannot take care of themselves In general, in preschool children Children are mostly at home, so they are less likely to be at risk. The infection of this group of children is caused by adults who carry the infection with children, whether they are parents, grandparents, grandparents or babysitters, so I want to communicate to everyone. Strictly protect yourself According to social spacing measures Wear a face mask all the time, wash your hands frequently, refrain from going to community or vulnerable areas. To protect both yourself and children who may be infected by you. And we will go through this crisis together, Dr. Suparach Kanjanavanich, a qualified pediatrician at Nakhon Phing Hospital.

Information: Nakhon Phing Hospital

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